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nature's miracle litter

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So I've started moving Chester and Dynah over to feline pine pellets from feline pine scoopable....hoping that I'll stop having sawdust stuck to my feet and all over everything.
Then I was reading on here about fresh results, which I found out elsewhere is the same as natures miracle.
What's the deal with this stuff? What's it made from? How much tracking does it do? I'd like to have a backup in case these pellets don't take....and I'm curious.
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i found an article about it: Fresh Results Cat Litter
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that's actually the one I read. They describe it as a natural option, but don't really go into what it is...or how big the particles are for that matter. apparently it's good for dust though
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I can't speak to the Fresh Results litter but I use Nature's Miracle and love it. It's made from corn cobs and has some sort of pine it is as well. It's extremely light weight and as such it does track, but I don't find it tracks anymore than the clay litter did. I love it because it clumps well, covers all smell and is completely flushable.
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I started using this about 3 weeks ago in one box and absolutely love it! I now have 3 boxes with Nature's Miracle Litter and I'm hoping to ween everyone to this litter eventually.

It can be expensive for a multi-cat home like mine, who use rubber-maid tubs. It takes two bags for one tub but the lack of smell is worth it to me.
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I have been using Nature's Miracle along with WBCL ever since I got my kitten. As mentioned above, it's vert lightweight and smells wonderful. I use it along with WBCL because I dislike the smell of corn and it can be pretty strong if used alone. I mix them both and the result is excellent. Clumps well, easy to scoop. Since NM is so light and it tracks, I place a track mat beneath the litter box and it works. Strange thing is, my kitten dislike the mat and jumps over it to get in and out of the box. But the litter doesn't cling to her paws that much so the tracking is only confine to a very small area.
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