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I'm sad...Alex has clogged bile duct!?!

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I've been worried about Alex, but yesterday was the first the vet could see him. I noticed last weekend that his ears were yellow. He also appeared to be losing weight.
The vet took blood and said that he appears to have a clogged bile duct. He gave me antibiotics(amoxicillin) and another med that I had to get at the pharmacy that is supposed to help with liver function.
They also had me get a high fat/calorie soft food to improve his appetite.
Any secrets you have for giving meds would be appreciated. I have to syringe the amoxicillin liquid down his throat, which he hates. The other med is a powder. I tried mixing it with the soft food, but he doesn't want to eat.
I'm sorry this is so long, but I am afraid of losing my boy. He is a shy cat who likes to hide, so I've had to isolate him in a small room. Even if he does get better, I'm afraid he'll never forgive me for cramming all of that medicine down his throat! My poor kitty!
Anyone have any experience with this illness, or tricks for giving meds?
Thanks in advance(and sorry this is so long)
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Put the food in a tube and force feed him.
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first off, he will eventually forgive you - all of mine have!
secondly - if he won't eat the food w/the meds in it, try liquidfying some meat baby food, adding the meds, & syringing it down him, carefully. this is how i give Pixel extra lysine when she's having a herpes flare-up. plus, it'll give him some nutrition. worth a try!
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Thank you for your replies. How much food can I syringe down him? Is there a danger of him aspirating it? (I have syringe fed birds, and it is tricky)
I am giving him 2cc of liquid amoxicillin twice per day. Last nite I stirred the powdered med directly into the amoxicillin.
He did eat a few bites( maybe equal to 2 tsp) of food out of my hand last nite, but he won't eat this morning.
I am also concerned that he has had only one small pee, and no poop for almost 48 hours.
I am no longer concerned about him being mad at me, and I'll do whatever it takes to get him better. I just want to be sure that force feeding him will be safe. Should I water it down?
Thanks again,
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