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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
I'll bring the corkscrew if you bring the blender! I took qualitative and quantitative statistics. For me, there is nothing qualitative about stats but they sure do help you in that quantitative part. Statistically, those of us who think that statistics are a game of chance do better at exams than those who obsess about them.

They say that actuaries are some of the most satisfied persons in their careers. I guess if the shoe fits the statistical size, buy it.

I admire statisticians. Really.
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No homework avoidance here, just work avoidance. Well, I have done most of my tasks for today so I am taking it easy

That stats assignment was handed in this morning and I think I did horribly. Oh well. I don't love that subject. And I dropped off my lab books so hopefully I did okay.

Now I think I will read my new Jodi Picoult book, while having my cup of tea.
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