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My entire fur-family (Pic Heavy)

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I took the opportunity to get new pics of most everyone! Still working up uploading them all....

Remember, I have 16 cats, so bear with me!

Damita - I bought her this new kitty bed, plus a new cube & crinkle triangle cube....spoiling her big time while she's here with me, which hopefully is a long time to come

Twitch, the one who started it all, the basis for my username, the of my life

(Two-face) TigerLily - man, this cat hates me! But she loves me! I wish she could decide which is it!

Squishy - I took him out on the deck to enjoy the day & he peed all over

ETA: I lied. None of the other pics came out!!!
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The ones you did get are gorgeous! My little Squishy-man is looking so good!

Who is the little white one outside the window where Twitch is sleeping?
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That's looks like the puppy, Isabel, is that right? Where are the rest of the pictures? I was waiting until the whole crew was up before I commented!

Hahaha, oh, now I see the edit.

Well, you should try again - we want more pictures!
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Yeah, that's Izzy in the background. Will try for focused pics tomorrow!
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Squishy looks like he has lost some weight!
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More pics, fuzzy or not!

Billy Bob or Tony Bob, can't tell which....like the barf on their new doggie bed I bought them & they threw up on within days?!!?

Moo Cow

The other Bob & Fafeena, chasing some dried grass

Cow, Fafeena, & a Bob's behind

Goat Head! See the red pan? That's her food bowl, about 10' away from everyone else's, or she snorks all the food & rams everyone out of her pan!

Fafeena has lived her entire 14 years with this attitude!

Cow & Slinky, this is the best one of Slinky (she is Damita & Tabitha's mom). Tabitha is in the back left hand side of the pic & Goat Head's bum is in the pic as well!

Tabitha, best I can get, I can't hardly touch this girl. I've got to trap her & vacciante her through the trap, if that gives you an idea of her purr-sonality! The "sneer" she's got going on? When I took her to the vet to be spayed, she's got no teeth on one side so she holds her lip funny. Vet suspected her adult teeth never came in on one side?

Good chest scratch for Fafeena!

More of the rest later, gotta wrangle them for pics!
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