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Help! Babe might have FIP

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I am hoping someone can help me understand how a Vet comes up with the diagnosis of FIP. My kitty Babe has not looked well and hasn't been acting herself so I took her to the vet. They did a blood test and yes she is sick. The vet gave me an antibiotic to give her as well as an iron supplement because she is anemic. Babe is also congested and has lost some weight. I am now giving her soft food the vet advised me to feed Babe. Babe is eating like crazy. Can Babe get better? The vet seemed to not have much hope. Is there anyone who has had one of their lovely kitty's get FIP and live? Please help. Any information would be helpful. Babe and I could use some good old fashion prayers for her to get better.
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sending my , plus a couple of links... no personal experience w/FIP.
FIP part 1
FIP part 2
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Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate. I really don't know what I am going to do if Babe doesn't get better. Babe is a real sweet kitty. My daughter is devastated. I am so afraid I am going to lose Babe.
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I was told Yoshi had the Dry form but it was never proven. I lost him Jan 11. Is there any fluid in your Cat?
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I believe some people have had luck with using Interferon. You might ask your vet if he's ever heard of that. My poor Smudge 1 died from FIP when he was just 6 months old. It is usually a kitten's disease. How old is Babe? Does she have a fever? Have there been any blood tests that measure liver values?
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here is a site all about it. it might be helpful
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I lost my baby boy when he was 9 months old to FIP.
I picked out at the shelter because he was so beautiful. Buff colored with copper eyes but he was already sick I believe.
He had horrible worms, a bad coat and was weak. But he was so sweet that I took him home.
What I noticed was that he got pale, got a fever and was breathing heavy. I took him to the vet and they Xrayed his lungs. He had fluid on his lungs. They drained it and tested it. He felt better for awhile but he got sick again.
I was in tears but he hung on for almost a month. I just let him eat all of his favorites. He slept under the blankets next to me until one morning I saw that he was suffering again. He was hiding under things again which is a signal that they are not well.
I decided to have him put to sleep.
FIP is one of those vague things that there are no conclusive tests for. There are several factors that go into it but there is nothing concrete. Get a second opinion first though. There have been cats to get better but they don't why.

Good luck.
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I'm going to copy and paste what I said recently in another thread. I hope it helps. Make sure you rule out other possibilities (toxoplasmosis, bartonella, etc.). I guess hope for the best, but expect the worse. Get a second opinion. Zoey hasn't been doing well the last couple of days (likely because she was taken off the antibiotics despite a very high white blood cell count)), but I still feel like the research and effort I have put into her is worth it. FIP is a very tricky diagnosis - and my experience thus far is that once they get that label, it's hard to get new vets to ignore it, even if blood results aren't indicating it. Zoey is very sick....but I don't think she has FIP. That said, there are lots of cats who are diagnosed with FIP and do actually have it. It's a very fine line, but I think as long as your cat has some fight in her, you need to give her a chance.

for you and Babe. I truly hope this is not FIP and that she is doing better!


"I am very sorry that you have gotten this bad news about your kitten!

However, I am with those suggesting that you be cautious about the diagnosis. I'd guess that biopsy results are significantly more reliable than blood tests, but unless they are absolutely sure, I would be hesitant to put a cat to sleep before giving it a chance to recover. Sounds like you've changed her diet to a new protein source, which is great. If she's getting better, just see how she does. If she's been through surgery and everything else, it might take her a bit of time to emotionally recover. Until you see her suffering, I would see how it goes. I have never been through this, but most say that the cat will "tell you" when they are ready to go.

My little Zoey has been through a lot in the last 4 weeks, including an FIP diagnosis. At first, I was hesitant to accept the FIP diagnosis, but after doing a lot of research, and seeing her progress, I accepted it. Then, she started getting better and it became evident that she had a broken tail (missed on initial glance at the x-rays). Explained many of her symptoms, but not all. In my opinion, the latest blood work does not indicate FIP. It indicates some other sort of infection, possibly an ear infection (she was treated for ear mites at the vet, but her ears are still really gunky). I never gave my vet the chance to suggest I put her to sleep, but I know he was giving me that possibility by the way he spoke of treatments - he called it palliative care. There was one day that I would have very likely put her to sleep (based on the reports of people I had checking on her, she appeared to be suffering more than I had seen), but luckily I was at work that day and she was much better by the time I got home. Then, her eyes were acting wonky one day and an emergency vet suggested we put her to sleep (despite blood work indicating that she was improving). If I would have PTS on any of these occasions, I would not have seen Zoey walking normally, eating well, playing, and "talking" as she is now. She is not yet back to her old self, but everyday I feel we make a step back toward normal.

The reason I talk about Zoey so in depth is that I truly felt that I needed to give her a chance to recover from everything that was going on with her. FIP is such a difficult disease to diagnose, and there are many treatable things that it could be mistaken for. Make sure you are confident with the diagnosis before making and decisions, and don't put her to sleep because you fear she might get worse. Cross that bridge when you get there. Even if you are expecting the worst, you might be pleasantly surprised by the best!

Do her blood results indicate that she may have FIP? Albumin/Globulin levels, anemia, lymphocytes? FIP titer (not that I'd trust this for anything...)? The more evidence the builds, the more likely the diagnosis.

Edited: To add to what Blaise said, I joined that particular FIP group when I was dealing with Zoey. Through that, I found , which gets a bit more activity. I think many of the people posting on these groups are the same. However, they are EXTREMELY helpful. If you post blood and test results, they will help you interpret them. They will give you differentials to check out. They will suggest possible courses of action as well. If Pix does have FIP, they will provide great support for you as her disease progresses. Please check the two groups out!"
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Thank you so much for all the help. Babe seems to be feeling better. She is eating a lot and drinking water. She seems to be more active as well. She doesn't sound congested at all either. Her blood tests were not good. She doesn't have any red blood cells so her blood is like water. She is on an antibiotic that should help her becuz it covers several different deseases. I am giving Babe an Iron supplement as well. If she keeps going in this direction and we can heal the anemia then she doesn't have FIP. I have been to the FIP site and they have been extemely helpful. They actually suggested the anemia being the cause of Babe being so ill.

Thank you again for all you thoughts and prayers. We are not out of the woods yet. Babe is still very ill and she will need alot of prayers and alot of Love to get her through this.

Everyone has been great. I am not a crier and all I seem to do around Babe is cry. She is the most special little kitty I have ever had. I don't want to lose her.
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glad to hear she's feeling better - continued & that she heal completely!
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is there certain times of the year when FIP is more active (for lack of a better word) kinda like flu season or is it rampant all year long? it seems like all of a sudden everyone has fip threads or is it because more ppl are becoming aware of fip?
maybe this should be a thread of its own?

im sorry about your kitty!
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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
is there certain times of the year when FIP is more active (for lack of a better word) kinda like flu season or is it rampant all year long? it seems like all of a sudden everyone has fip threads or is it because more ppl are becoming aware of fip?
maybe this should be a thread of its own?

im sorry about your kitty!

I was just wondering the same thing about FIP. I don't think I ever remember seeing so many posts on here about FIP. I was wondering too if it's the time of year, or if vets are over diagnosing FIP? I know that they can not confirm the dry form until the cat has passed away. I hope that vets are not using the blood test for the Carona virus to diagnse FIP.

I hope your kitty continues to get better.
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I don't know what to do. One day Babe looks and acts like she is feeling better and then like today she is just sitting and looking out the window. I really don't know what to do for her. I am up and down with emotion. It is almost overwhelming. Our vet is a take a see attitude. She mentioned something about a blood transfusion. Does anyone know how much that can cost? I am scared right now for Babe. I don't like seeing her this way. She should be happy and playful. She is still just a little one.
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I paid over 300 for Blood Transfusions for my Cats. I have the paperwork so I will see what the price was. This was in 2001 though. Blood Transfusions make a big differance too. They saved my Cats.
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I found the papers. The Transfusion was 367. That is not counting the matching of Blood Types or anything else.
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Good news I hope. Babe has gained a pound and a half. I bought her some kitten food becuz of the extra vitamins and all and she is eating the stuff right up. I also give her a little bit of good soft food as well. She seems to be feeling alittle better. She is eating more. This morning she came running to me and when I opened up the kitten food she started to meow. I hope this is a good thing. I am taking her back in for a blood test to see if anything has changed. She doesn't sound congested anymore and hasn't sneezed for over a week. I so hope my prayers are being answered.

Thank you to everone for all your positive thoughts. Thank you for letting me vent too. I have to say that if it wasn't for this site I don't know if Babe would still be here. Our vet on the day we took Babe in said that Babe was so sick that we should think about letting her go to the 5 Star hotel above. I am so glad I didn't think about that and instead just was patient and read all of the information from everyone else that has had questions about their cat and health. Thank you again
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I am glad Babe is better. When they thought Yoshi had Fip he never gained Weight. I wish I knew if he had it for sure.
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