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The hummers are almost here. I looked at the migration map and it shows they are in Indiana, a little south of me. I put my feeder up so hopefully I'll see one soon.
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We are lucky in CA to have all of the 3 species of hummers that are permanent residents of the US or Canada -Anna's, Allen's and Costa's. Anna's stays here in No. CA all year, but the other 2 migrate north to us.

Do you have the feeders that the Orioles can use as well? My Orioles have not yet arrived, but our Robins are here and the goldfinches are getting their summer feathers.

I love hummers! When I was growing up we spent the summers in the Catskills. One morning, my Aunt Lotty walked out with the hummingbird feeder and a Ruby-throated female drank from it while she was holding it! Such wonderful birds!
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