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Rear entry garages

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In this part of Texas, most people have rear entry garages, leaving the front of the house cluttered instead of the back. Or, as DW says, people put all of their junk in their garage, not their cars. Meaning they value their junk more than their cars.

I made another observation today. The alley I live down has about forty garages. I think I can safely tell you which of those 40 houses have outdoor cats without missing a one. They are the ones with the garage doors cracked open about six inches. I just never thought about it before!
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Now that is an observation that only a cat lover would make.
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I live very close to the Outdoor Learning Center. No one leaves their garage open, except by accident or they will have widelife visit.
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We have a neighbor (two houses down) who had a home invasion. The guy got under his garage door and in through the back door. Our neighbor ended up shooting the robber with the robber's shotgun.

Of course, my garage is wide open right now, since I just grilled steaks out there.
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