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What do you like to do during Spring & Summer?

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What do you like to do during the warmer months?

I know for me, I look forward to the warmer months, I dont like the cold.

I usually go bike riding just about everyday, good exercise and its nice to get some fresh air. I also like to do gardening, mainly with growing vegetables. This year im growing my own tomatoes, I harvested the seeds myself from tomato's bought in stores, that way I get unlimited tomato plants for free, and varieties which I may not be able to find pre-grown or in seed packets. So far i've got over 30 seedlings in my room! I also like bugs, so I collect/observe anything from caterpillars to crickets, and look foward to the mass emergence of cicadas this year! Most of all, I enjoy eating ice cream!
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I love being outside but I don't tolerate the cold very well so I'm really looking forward to the warm weather! We usually spend most of our evenings and weekends outside working on the cars and stuff. I love being able to take the dogs out and let them play and lounge in the sun while we're working on the cars. And I have horses to work with this year which I'm really looking forward to.
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I HATE the cold! I love summer! Spring I love just being outside in the fresh air! And then once summer gets here I just love to travel and hang out outside until late at night! And I love being by the lake or by the ocean!
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I cannot wait for the summer!
I like to go on walks and attend the many festivals and events that go on around the city.
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I can't wait for the warmer months! We're about 5 inches from breaking the all time snow record; the original record was set in the 1800s.

I like to go for walks. My boyfriend and I will walk up to the ice cream place and grab some ice cream and eat it on the way back. It's about a 3 mile walk round trip. We also like to go swimming, and throw the baseball around outside. That and the kitties LOVE when the windows are open all the time.
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We go to Fairs and Festivals. We like to go to Yosemite sometimes.
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I enjoy walking after dinner during the warmer months..I have a great fitness trail that runs just by my back yard. It runs along the side of the river and right down to the shores of Georgian Bay. It literally runs for miles along the edge of the bay in both directions.

I also am looking forward to planting my window boxes and planter's on my deck...
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I love hiking and gardening in the warmer months.
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am not one for the cold either, you ask my partner! i loveee going to the beach, going out for walk's, car ride's, safari park's/zoo's, sea life centre's! i really love the warm weather, it's also nice to go swimming!

i like it more, probably because i was born in June!
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I'm really excited. We're moving to a town where there is a beach and so many attractions. Port Elgin Ontario and being a part of the radio station means I get to do all of it and probably for free.
Plus there is the Bruce Trail so my fiance and I can go hiking, I like to take pictures and go sailing!
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I like our summer BBQ dinner parties! We have them most weekends, lthough it's never warm at our house (by the Pacific)... brrr. This summer I'm looking forward to our first family vacation in Europe!
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What I love the most about the warmer months is being able to wear really nice summer clothing like long flowing dresses, especially the linen ones!

I also love staying up later in the evenings sitting out in the garden with my family and just enjoying it all. It's even better when we have a barbeque on the go!

Camping is a must do in the summer for me too, the fresh air and hiking does it for me...walking in the cool shades of the forest we visit every year is so nice.
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I love to grill (my hubby loves it when I grill too )
I like to go to baseball games, watch a race or two either at Indy or Mid-Ohio.
I love to garden (I have already got a bunch of seedlings started and my rain barrels are finished)

I also like to walk, cycle, and rollerblade, but I don't think that I will be doing much of that this time around due to my achilles tendon injury.
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Riding on the back of my husbands Harley on long rides. Bicycle riding(not really but it's good exercise), Gardening, Trap shooting, throwing knife and hawk in our back yard at a tree stump, BBQ's
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We also love to Bbq and go to Baseball Games. I am going to the Nuts tomorrow. I also love going in the Spa.
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Potter about in the garden, and sit in my conservatory and read or come on here
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I love long summer evenings - particularly weekends when we can hold BBQs I love to get out in a garden and potter among the flowers... but that doesn't generally happen unless we're sitting the house for MIL. I miss having a house and garden. Just being able to sit outside and read in the sunshine with a good cup of tea is a simple little comfort that we don't really have at the moment.

I really enjoy getting out to Nyhavn for a drink or two and a trip around the canals on the boats. Walking in the forest, out on the beach....... I can't wait for summer!
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Did you say Spring & Summer? Do they exist? Winter has lasted so long up here...We love nature We can't wait to go on walks in the woods, take nature photos with our new digital camera, take the cats out in the enclosure, work in the garden, organize the shed, just relaxing, & having fun under the sun!!
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When I am not caring for the cats, I like to go roller coaster riding, storm chasing, hiking in the parks, as long as it isn't too hot and humid. I like hiking in the winer too. And, I like growing my vegetable garden. Nothing like fresh picked vegies
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