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We've got a new addition to our family - a yellow and white cockatiel. He's got adorable red cheeks - too cute! Anyway, his name is Simon and he's for my brothers birthday. It's a surprise and he has no idea he's getting one...he think pellet gun. I can't wait until he finds out what he's got.

Simon came off Petfinder and was fifty bucks for cage, food, and himself. Good deal there I think. He's not a completely people bird, which is why they can't keep him, but his owner's husband is a vet so they would have told us if he was sick. I'll post pictures when I get them...I'm not sure of his technical coloring but I'm sure someone here can help.

So far we've got a dog, cats, fish, and now a bird. Next on the list? Horses.
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Congrats. I hope your brother loves him. From your sounds like he is a lutino...but there could be other things added after you post pics lol.

a good bird forum is
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Oh, Quincy loves him. He was so thrilled...the smile on his face stretched past his ears, and I know the responsibility will do him loads of good. We'll have to get a new cage,though, this one's too small for him. The lady downsized it because she thought he 'didn't look right in it'...just goes to show how uch rsearch she did!)

Here's the guy:

Don't mind the room, two boys live in it and it's bound to be a bit messy.
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he is so cute!! I just love his red cheeks!!
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Congratulations! He is adorable, I love Cockatiels... I used to have several.
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I'm glad your brother really likes him/her... I hate it when people give animals as surprise gifts.

He/she's cute! Do you actually know if it is a he? Does "he" sing? =) "He" also looks a bit old/really young; any idea how old it is?
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yeah that definately looks like a lutino to me i love cockatiels, i had a few growing up & we have two right now... theyre awesome.
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She said he's a male, but quite honestly, I have no evidence that says he is. :shrug: He's at least two, but other than that it's anyone's guess. The lady we bought him from didn't know his age when she bought him, so she couldn't tell us. And he doesn't really sing - he whistles(weet-weew and 'normal' ones) and chrrs when you make kiss noises at him.

I know. I'm quickly growing biased toward them - I wonder why? Thanks for the confimation on the coloring, I always like to know that.
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well if youre not sure on the sex, you can get him DNA tested, thats really the only real way to find out for sure. but i have been told by the bird farm we got one of our tiels from that the more vocal ones are males. i dont kno if thats true or not, but these ppl are bird experts. one of our tiels we call her Lucy(not DNA tested), & she is constantly singing, you wouldnt kno she was a tiel if u heard her but didnt see her. i personally think that she is male if there is any truth behind what the ppl at the bird farm told me.
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We're not getting a mate for him (or her? ) so I don't think we'll do the DNA testing - it would be interesting, though. If it's true what they said I'd say he's a male...right now he's chirping at me because I'm typing, and any time something new and different happens around him he makes sure to tell us his opinion on the matter.

I'm already loving this guy, he's a chatterbox and definitely has personality. Quincy adores him too, though there wasn't any doubt that he would. Even if for some reason he didn't like him we'd still keep him (though most likely he'd be in my room instead).
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