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Should I be worried?

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My Dusty (female) is now 5 yrs. old. She went to the vet in mid Feb. for her annual check-up and shots. She weighs 6 lbs. 6 oz. Not much different than last year. Two years ago she lost 2 lbs. which she has never gained back. She had blood work at that time, and everything was normal.

I went to a cat show last fall and got some samples of Innova dry food. The man at the booth said this food would make her drink more water and pee more. At this point I must say that Dusty is a Fancy Feast spoiled kitty. She likes about 3 flavors of FF - chicken, beef and salmon. She will not eat any other wet. I always keep dry available, and in the middle of the night she will snack on the dry, which prior to the Innova was Nutro Max hairball formula. Now I mix the two dry foods together. But she still prefers the FF canned.

So back to the Innova after the cat show. I did notice that she was drinking and peeing more than normal. I used to worry that she didn't drink nearly enough water. Now I have to make sure she has a full bowl every morning. I am changing her litter more frequently because of all the pee.

So is her increased thirst and peeing healthy, or should I be worried. I mentoned it to the vet, but he didn't seem concerned.
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Waaaahhh, no one is posting here. I REALLY could use some reassurance that I have nothing to worry about. She is my baby, and I couldn't live with myself if I am ignoring something serious.
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At her check up did they do blood work? Increased thirst and peeing could be because of the dry food, or because of diabetes. My cat was really hooked on Fancy Feast, but I tried some premium canned after a while and it really helped satisfy her. Before that she was hungry as soon as she finished a can of FF.
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I would ask the Vet. It can be Lidney too. Stripe drank alot when she had Crf.
It could be the food too.
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I would say that any noticeable change warrants a vet visit or at least a call. Perhaps they can do a blood test without a full exam.
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even if it's normal in regards to the food change, I wouldn't keep her on it. Increased kidney function isn't good for any creature. Meaning... if you drink too much fluid, your kidneys are working overtime to filter everything. This leads to exhaustion and sometimes to weakened kidney function.

(I only have one kidney and so know much more about this than I would care to.)
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Thank you for all your answers. I think I will call the vet.
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