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gray Cat isn't pregnant (again)

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I kept Gray Cat in all last nite as I thought she might be getting close. She loved staying in the house, and didn't want to go out. As she hasn't used the litter box, I let her out while I was working in the barn. Lo and behold. here comes her siamese boyfriend. Got her. I really don't think she can get pregnant. This has happened so many times now and she has never taken. I wonder if she has been spayed in the past. She was pretty feral, and usually the TSR groups takes a notch out of the ear. Would she still accept a male? She has never had a normal heat season. If it wasn't for the boys, I would never know.
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Please take Gray Cat to your vet so he can determine if she has been spayed or not and if not, please get her spayed. It's really much better for her in the long run and you wouldn't keep having these false alarms.
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chloe and patchy have scars from where they were spayed. you cant really see them until they lay on their backs and the fur separates; its a little 1.5-2inch line
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Please just leave her inside and stop letting her out. Since she is using the litterbox this shouldn't be very hard. Take her to a vet and they can let you know if she is pregnant or not. Could you possibly take a picture of her? We could let you know what we think.
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She is going to stay in the house except to go out to potty. I'm getting a harness for her tomorrow to take her out to do her business. I'm waiting for a call back from a feral rescue group on what vet to take her to. I don't think my normal vet would take her. She is mean and nasty and violent to anyone else but me and DH. I wish she would use the litter box. She had to pee so bad this morning that she went at least 4 times by the time we got to the barn. The barn is only about 12 steps from our back door. lol. poor baby. Luckly, she will not leave my side, and the male runs fast and far when he sees me. So...I'm hoping that she will only have to go out one more time without the harness. Of course, she could use the litter box and make life easy. I put dirt from the barn in the litter box, as that is what she likes to use when she is free.
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try some of the cat attract additive w/the dirt - maybe that'll tempt her!
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Good idea. I never thought of that. If she doesn't go tonight, then I'll pick some up tomorrow from Petco when I get the harness. I don't suppose that it come in male cat aroma lol
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If I were you I would put her in a bathroom or something with a litter box. She will eventually have to go and she will use the litter box. Do you have a camera you can take a picture of her with so we can see if she looks pregnant? When the cat went to mate with her did she allow him to or did she run away?
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she allowed him to mate with her. It was the fastest 5 seconds I've ever seen. I didn't even have time to get out of the stall (the horse was in the stall so I couldn't yell or jump around). Then she started rolling around and was slinking close to the ground. I don't know for sure if he made it all the way in or not, but from what I've read about mating, her reaction seemed to indicate that he did. I'm going to try to post some pics that I took yesterday.
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Since she accepted him she is most likely not pregnant. Please please please since she is an outdoor cat go get her spayed...Make your appointment for as soon as you can. Vets will treat any cat wild or not as long as you pay them.
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the low-cost spay/neuter clinic here has a sign posted that they accept ferals. see if you can find one near you - here's a link:
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You can also call all your local shelters and ask if they know of any low cost clinics.
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I'll call the shelter Monday and see who they use. I'm thinking as I really want kittens, I'm having empty nest here, that I'll see if I can foster an expectant cat. That way I'll be helping.
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That is a great idea to foster a pregnant cat! I actually caught my kitty Olive being mated with after she escaped and got outside. I made a vet appointment to have her spayed but they could only do it over a month later. When the day came I looked at her and she was showing her belly was very round, and then I looked at my other litter of kitties and I just couldn't do it...
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well, if I can't get her in asap, then I will let her have them. I called everyone who was waiting on her kittens. They said that they will wait and see what I end up doing. I've already gotten some of my friends to adopt rescue kittens. One I even talk into getting 2 from the same litter at the local rescue group. I know the emotional part is my issues not GC. The nice thing is that all my girls sleep upstairs in the hay loft. We've made cubby holes with the hay bales so they each have their own area. We also have a a couple of the cat homes for them to stay in or on depending on the weather. So spoiled. I guess someone forgot to tell them that they are suppose to be feral and scared of humans.
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