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Ophelia the SuperBaby!

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I just had to share this. We were both amazed. Ophelia, our petite little girl (we're talking she's MAYBE 6 pounds!) with the tiniest little dainty paws, was sitting on the table by the window looking outside. The window is covered with plastic, really tight, to keep drafts out. Well, the birds have recently re-inhabited the tree outside and Ophelia got into her Mighty Hunter mode. She started chirping at the birds and the next thing you know her little paw has darted out toward the window. Earl does a double take, not believing what he's seeing....she punched a hole in the plastic!! That is one STRONG little girl!

Here's our Baby Doll Ophelia, and you can see how tiny her paws are.

Oh, and the SuperBaby thing...that started when she was a little kitten. She would jump from the top of my computer chair to the bed all stretched out like Superman flying. So we called her SuperBaby!

Have your kitties done something that just astounded you??
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she is such a gorgeous dainty wee thing! i love her!
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Originally posted by valanhb

Have your kitties done something that just astounded you??
When we bought Nakita the feather on a stick, Rob was lying on the wood floor holding one end, while Nakita had the feather part in her mouth. She was almost pulling Rob across the floor!! The strength in that little 5 pound body is amazing. Of course, we didn't let her continue, because we were scared her teeth would come flying out and she would be known as the Toothless Cat! After seeing this, I would not want to be a mouse in her presence!

In the last month, Nakita has made it a habit of doing forward flips off her scratching post as if she's doing a gymnastic routine. And she'll do like 5 flips in a row. Crazy cat!

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She reminds me of my Snuggles. Snuggles is all of 5 lbs soaking wet, and yet has a lot of stregnth too!

Your Ophelia is precious
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Ophelia is so beautiful! I didn't realize she was so teeny tiny. That's so funny - I guess she really wanted to get that bird - may be tiny, but oh, so strong!

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Such an adorable picture!

Orphelia resembles my outside kitties, Patches and sally... All three of you are so lovable and beautiful!!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

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Thanks guys! I think she's a very pretty girl, and I tell her this often. She is a small kitty with a BIG attitude! When she curls up in a little kitty ball, she's not more than 8" diameter, probably a little less.

Kass, that is amazing! What is with these super strong little girl kitties???
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She is just so beautiful Heidi!!!!
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