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Should I stop this behavior?

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Olive is 64 days pregnant and Sophie has a litter of almost 4 week old kittens. Well Olive has planted herself in Sophie's cage with the kittens. I keep them in a dog kennel which the door of stays open all day. I did put a piece of cardboard over the opening of the crate so the kittens can't escape. I will remove Olive and put her in the box I made for her but she won't stay put she runs straight back to the babies. They don't nurse on her or anything she just goes in there and cuddles with them and sleeps. She still allows Sophie to go in there too.
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Last year I had two foster kitties give birth within a week or so of each other, they frequently went back and forth and took care of each other's babies. It got to the point where I ended up just putting both litters together and both moms took care of everyone. They refused to have it any other way. As long as everyone is safe and happy, I wouldn't worry about it!
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Cat mommies will often raise their litters together. I guess they know which kitten belongs to which mommy, even if people cannot always tell.
Sometimes whoever gave birth first will help the second one along during birthing her kittens. I had a male, Fred, cat that brought a female stray home and stayed in the birthing box with her, licked her, face, brought her bites of food, and even helped her clean them after they were born. He loved kittens.
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Thanks for the help. I replaced their nice cozy blanket with old towels for the birthing. Olive and Sophie are sisters and really love each other so it's no suprise that they are doing this. lol
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Olive is so cute. She is acting like Sophie's babies are her babies. Whenever I take one out of the cage to hold she follows me meowing for me to give it back like they are her babies. lol I'm guessing this new behavior means she will give birth very soon.
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Well Sophie's kittens started nursing on Olive so I put Olive in her own cage. She has a litterbox, food and water in there. She is not happy at all... I didn't want them to steal all her collostrum for her upcoming babies. She isn't looking like she will go tonight but I guess I could be wrong. I will keep you updated though.
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When I was a kid, I had a mother and daughter cat who both gave birth the same night! One on each of my brother's beds! They put all the kittens together soon after and you didn't know which kitten belonged to which mama. The kittens nursed on any available nipple! It was funny to watch any poor dog that strayed into our yard. BOTH mamas would attack him!
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As long as she's not stealing the kittens and as long as Sophie is ok with it, I would guess it's not hurting anything, but I think you are right separating her and not letting the kittens nurse on her. Not just for the colostrum, but because nursing brings on contractions... I know you say she is 64 days, so she should be ready, but I would let nature take it's own course.

That must be cute to watch. Wonder what Sophie will do when Olive has her kittens.
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