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Frustrated with urination problem!!!

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I know what you're thinking...not another cat urination thread. Sorry. I NEED HELP! We have two adult neutered males. The oldest (Thomas) is 8 yrs. and the youngest (Sam) is 6 yrs. old. They hate one another. Our house is small, which I think adds to the problem. Sam is very territorial. He guards the food bowl, he guards the litter box. I've considered buying a second litter box, but there is literally nowhere to store it. Thomas started urinating on my son's clothing that was left on the floor of his room. Now he keeps his door shut. Thomas then began urinating on the clothing left on my other son's bedroom floor. We now have to keep his door shut. We discovered he'd been urinating on a canvas bag that was on the floor in our bedroom closet. Our two sons left a canvas bag that housed their XBox on the floor in the living room. I was afraid Thomas would urinate on that, so I moved it to the kitchen table. Low and behold, I discovered he'd jumped up on the kitchen table yesterday & urinated on it! I'm very frustrated!!! I have yet to take him to the vet as it seems he's just marking his territory. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
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I don't know if you've seen the huge amount of advice in this thread.

The condensed version; find a place for more litter boxes (I have a 665sq foot one bedroom apartment with two litter boxes), and take Thomas to the vet to rule out a urinary tract infection (UTI) or other medical cause.
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as mentioned you need to see a vet. He may have a UTI and you don't want him uncomfortable and getting in the habit of spraying. You may think he is marking his terriroty but this is a normal way for cats to say "something is wrong!! help me!"

Secondly you NEED another litterbox. there is always room. I like in a 550 sq foot apartment and have two, one at either end of the apartment since on of my cats is dominant(covered with clumping litter so they blend in and don't smell too bad)

If one of the cats is guarding the litterbox this is not good for the other guy and he will likely stop using the bo xall together if he is harrassed going in or out.

Make sure you use an enzymatic cleaner to clean up so NOTHING smells like pee, and cover the things he likes to pee on with tin foil while you are breaking the problem.

I would also reccomend investing in rescue remedy to put in their water and feliway diffuser spray to help calm them down and help them get along. Especially if it turns out not to be a medical problem.

Good luck!
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I know I am just going to say the same thing as others, but seriously, you need another litter box! When we first took our kittens in, I thought one would be enough (I never had cats and my husbands were always indoor/outdoor). Our cats are indoor exclusive and for the first few days, we had the one litter box and just kept waking up with accidents. We live in a tiny cottage, but we realised if we wanted to preserve our clothes and floor, we had to find a place. Once we brought in more litter boxes - NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. Seriously, amazing.
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When they pee on clothing, it is stress plain and simple. Consider rehoming one would be your best option. For professional help ask Kerry at www.catpsych.com
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Definitely get a second litterbox. You can keep it in the bottom of a closet (I had to do this in one house and as long as I kept it clean, it worked fine). Two litterboxes have helped my "problem" kitty even when she was an only kitty. =)
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