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Things other people remember about you....

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I was replying to the thread about what we remember from our childhood, and got to thinking about stories that other people tell on us.....that we don't remember.....for me?

When I was just learning to talk really well, one Sunday the pastor of our church was very long winded, seems I stood up on the pew and told dad that I was hungry, lets go home......I still haven't lived that one down!

Mom remembers....
the day she almost had to kill a rabid cat in the house that was foaming at the mouth....until she got close enough to smell the mint toothpaste where I had brushed its teeth....

having to bathe a cat because I had "shared" my blackberry jelly with it....read, I had smeared said jelly all over kitty.....

But the worst, to me, is the fact that when I was two I came through the house totally naked (you know the phase when you can't keep kids in clothes?) and the unwanted insurance salesman she'd been trying to get rid of got embarrassed and left!

Now don't leave me hanging here guys, share!
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OK- the time I took my crayons and scribbled all over the walls in the kitchen. My mom said, and what do you call THIS?!?! I said, "a murial" (mural - artwork) and insisted it made the wallpaper look better!!
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Mom always brags that I use to be able to solve the Rubicks Cube in less than 30 seconds.

Can I Do it today? Heck no...
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I remember my Mom telling me that I've been a nudist since the day I learned to take off my own diaper! Apparently most of the time when she would go in and look at me I had somehow managed to remove my diaper, even if it was clean. After seeing me do that everytime she put a diaper on me, she finally started putting me to bed stark naked!

I was about 3 or so and my Dad used to by a bit of candy or gum and give it to me as a treat. He kept it on the top shelf of the cupboard where my Mom kept her good china. Apparently I wanted some candy and decided to get it myself. I climbed onto a chair and then the counter and in my attempt to get the candy from my mom's good china vegetable bowl, I managed to pull down the whole shelf of dishes.

Then there was the time we had an old Compact vacuum. It was made of cast iron and shaped like a bullet. I used to like to sit on it and ride around the house. Our TV sat on the floor instead of a table, and one day while I was riding around on the vacuum, I smashed into the screen of the TV and broke it. We didn't have a TV for several years after that.
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My father used to tell about the time we had a family portrait done when I was six years old. The photographer said to me, "Now, your parents are buying three pictures and I'm going to charge them five dollars. Can you tell me how much each picture costs?"

And I said, "One of them costs three dollars, and the other two are a dollar apiece."

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When I was about 18 months old, my dad was eating some boysenberry pie. He was trying to get me to take a bite, but I refused. He finally got me to taste it, and then proceeded to ignore my attempts to get another bite. Finally in frustration, I uttered my first sentence "Pie, Dada, pie!!!" He was so surprised and gave me more. Boysenberry Pie is my favorite pie to this day!

As a child, I was a very picky eater. I also was extremely skinny. The school actually sent a health nurse out to our home to see if we had food!! My parents had just finished grocery shopping. My parents were so embarrassed and told them I just wouldn't eat! If I had been starving, I would have eaten the school lunches but I refused to eat there either. I was just a very picky eater.

Years later, I was an instructional aide at the school I went to and would occasionally eat lunch there (I only worked 3 hrs a day). Miss Little, who had been my 1st grade teacher and had since retired, was visiting and saw me. She said I gave her so much grief when she tried to get me to eat, she was happy I had outgrown it. I am still picky and don't like a lot of foods, but I have learned to eat a lot of things I refused to even try. I don't like cooked cauliflower or broccoli, but will eat them raw. I love most raw veggies now.
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Mom said when I was about 3 years old she let me out to play in our fenced front yard while she watched me through the picture window...The phone rang and she went to answer it...she came back and stood at the screen door she could see me walking towards a black kitty with a nice pretty white stripe saying "kitty kitty" She was afraid to move because she was afraid the skunk would spray me so she just kept saying "Brandi, that is a stinky kitty come here...Brandi that is not a kitty kitty" She said I just kept moving toward the kitty...until it finally ran from me
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at this moment, i can't think of anything! although, am pretty sure there's something LOL, once i remember i'll post back!
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