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I was just curious on what you all thought about the APRI(America's pet registry inc.) it is supposed to be like the AKC(American kennel club).I have heard/read that its a prime registry for BYBs because of the low cost of registering.just curious as to other opinions before setting out to buy another dog(i would like to be a pure breed english bulldog).
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Um.....it's not a good registry if you want a purebred show dog. It's great for a pet, but nothing more. They don't have to be purebred at all, no one checks and no one cares.

Please don't spend very much for a dog with this sort of registry. If it has a vet history with shots and everything, then enough money to cover that cost is fair.
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RIPPPPPPPPPPP OFFFFFFFFFFFFF big time - don't even go there! I would not buy any animal that was registered with them.

They are backyard breeder and puppy mill registery. Please don't buy any pet from them. They cannot be registered or shown, etc. in AKC or other associations.
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RIP OFF ... I was able to register a FISH that I got at PETCO ...
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Izzy can be registered through them. She's a puppy mill puppy.
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Are you serious Sharky - they registered a FISH??????
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Are you serious Sharky - they registered a FISH??????
yup... theyll register anything.. a friend did there snake also a petstore purchase
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That just proves what they really are
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