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My Kumquat Tree and Other Trees

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This is my Kumquat Tree with the Grapefruit next to it.

Orange Tree

Mandarian Orange Tree

I lost the Pics of my Grapefruit tree
This one is the Almond Tree in Bloom last Month
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Wow! How cool is that! You can go into your yard and do 1/2 your shopping!

I'd love to live in a house that had fruit trees. Unfortunately where I live unless you have a state of the art greenhouse, that isn't possible. Although I do have my very own lemon tree! My Mom used to work at at the Conservatory of one of our parks. She was in the cafeteria, but there is a huge greenhouse/botanical garden attached.



Long story short, they let me plant seeds from a lemon and I was thrilled when it started to grow! I don't know how long those trees live: it was planted in the early 1970's, and I don't know if it's even still there because I haven't been to that building in a number of years. I like to think that it's still alive and growing lemons
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I'm very jealous!
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Lemon Trees live long. We sold our Grandparents house last year and the Lemon Tree is like a Bush there. They Planted it in 1940 and its still alive. i can ot wait to have a House so I can get more Trees. All my Fruit Trees are in Pots. The Almond Tree isnt ours but I will get one when get a House.
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Oh my goodness...am I jealous. I just love eating kumquats. Not many grocery stores carry them, and when you do find them they are really expensive.

Eaten properly, nothing compares to the taste of a ripe kumquat. Yum.

With all those trees you are in citrus heaven.
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ooohhh, lovely!
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My sis grows a lemon tree in pot. Citrus won't survive here though. Cool pictures.
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