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Vibes for Odo

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I posted briefly about Odo here, but I figured he needed his own thread. The vet and I noticed the lump on him a few months ago, but it just seemed like a fatty lump. Odo tends to be a lumpy boy (he has a big lump on his belly that has been there since before I adopted him in June 2006--we have monitored it carefully and there has been no change). This particular lump seems to "disappear" depending on his position. It is located above his left hip. After reading about faerie's cat, I decided that we should investigate the cause of the lump. Odo has been limping, and we figured it was just arthritis, but I'm wondering if the lump could be affecting his gait.

Anyway, he is scheduled for a biopsy tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping for vibes that everything goes well. I'm not overly concerned about the surgery--Odo's had several dentals--but he is at least 14 years old, and I'm a bit worried about the recovery, and of course the results as well.

I was supposed to take food away from him at 8 p.m., but unfortunately I fell asleep. I had given both boys a little bit of food before what was supposed to be a 2-hour nap, and I'm sure that they ate it all around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m., so instead of no food after 8 p.m., it was no food after 4 p.m. Unfortunately that means I'm going to have one very hungry cat on my hands until morning (maybe the nap wasn't such a bad idea). I'm trying to figure out how to feed Zekkie without making Odo think that I love him less.
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I hope he will be ok.
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Fingers crossed it is just a fatty lump. I either put one cat in a room of their own so the other can be fed, or they all have to wait till I get back from the vets. With Pebbles, it was quite easy though, as she didn't go downstairs, and although Tom ate on the landing, she would rather starve than eat the Whiskas he ate, so never tried to eat his food!!
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I did give Zek a little bit of canned food (unfortunately he didn't eat much of it) in the bathroom. I'm sure Odo smelled it and wondered why he didn't get any, but oh well.
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Hope everything goes well with Odo, wishing him lots of luck!
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Thanks. I just dropped him off. He's going to look pretty funny while his hair grows back in. He is very, very fluffy, and he had to be shaved where they will be doing the incisions (he's having a small lump removed from his cheek as well as the larger lump biopsied). I've got an e-collar that I need to find so that he won't remove his sutures. Hopefully his buddy Zek won't try to help him with that endeavor.
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Sending lots of vibes for Odo!
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Sending vibes to Odo. I hope things go well.
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Sending good vibes for you both!!!
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Sending vibes and prayers for Odo
I hope that everything goes well.
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The vet called with an update. The lump on his cheek was removed without complications. The lump on his hip was the result of herniated fat. Apparently the fat had become lodged between layers of muscle (I think that's what she said). The vet was able to remove the fat so that the muscle layers are back together again. I'll be able to pick Odo up in a couple of hours. Thanks for the vibes!
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sounds like a good report!
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It must be a relief!
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This sounds like really good news.
Sending vibes that Odo heals quickly and the fat lumps stay away forever.
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I was hoping to avoid putting the e-collar on him, since I'm concerned it may rub the spot on his cheek/neck where the small cyst-like lump was removed. No such luck--he began licking the big wound within a few minutes of arriving home. Poor guy. He's confused enough most of the time, and now he looks even more so with the cone and with his eyes dilated from the anesthetic (they use glycopyrrolate along with propofol and isoflurane). He's stuck lying on his right side with the wound in the air. My new challenge will be getting Zekkie to leave Odo alone.
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Aww, that is wonderful news.
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e-collars are a real challenge for our kitties...
Sadie would run into a wall and just keep trying to go forward until I would turn her.
Wear your collar Odo...
this will pass soon.
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