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Looking for a little assistance

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Hi all, I'm in need of a little assistance.

3 days ago, I came home for lunch from work and noticed something on the ground behind my neighbors truck. It looked like an animal but it wasn't moving. I got out of my car and as I got about 20 feet away I knew instantly it was a kitten, but it still wasn't moving. When I got to within 5 feet, the most precious little face looked up at me and meowed. Instantly I figured I spooked the mother off so I left the kitten where it was, not touching it.

I left for 10 agonizing minutes, waiting on my front porch out of sight. The mother never came back...if she was there to begin with. 10 minutes was long enough. I ran upstairs and got a blanket, whipped the little guy up, and headed back inside (it was low 40's at the time, strong winds).

Ok, now a little background on me. I've had cats since I was a baby and have watched 3 week old kittens be hand-raised, but I have never done this myself.

I brought the little guy to the vet that day. He is 1lb 6oz, about 4.5-5 weeks old...and in pretty good shape overall. So...I'm keeping the little guy because I haven't been able to have a cat for 8 years (renting rules).

Now, he is already eating solid food (which I add a little water to and mix) without any problems (also which the vet confirmed before I fed him anything) but I noticed he isn't drinking a lot. He will stick his nose in there, usually get it up there producing a little sneeze and he will then take 1 or 2 laps and stop. Sometimes it sounds like he is really lapping good but I can see he isn't quite comfortable getting too close to the water. He does pee though.

Other than that one thing, everything is going good. I'm rubbing his belly after he eats, keeping things moving. Wiping his bottom a little to get the poo moving. He can pee on his own but can't seem to poo yet. (His poo being a little darker...anything to do with him not drinking much?)

I clean him up nice afterward, wipe him head to toe then bring him to warm up with me while I dry him off. He's usually out like a light after that.

Behavior-wise...he is a single kitten and I have to work full time. I give every waking moment that I can spare just to him. I'm home at lunch everyday to take care of him, trying to give him some social interaction. This is my biggest fear because of his age.

What else can I do? I have a nice big teddy bear (which he loves) in his cave that I built him and he has a lot of room to roam around. I have some little fuzzy balls that I roll around when we are playing and other stuffed animals around for him to mess around with. When I'm home he is always out with me, following me around so he gets used to the apartment. He is still very cautious though.

I really want this little guy to turn out alright...any other ideas?
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Gosh it sounds like you are doing a good job already.

Kittens often do appear pretty clumsy when they are first learning how to lap liquid from a bowl.

At present I can't think of any thing you are forgetting - you may want to brows about in the cat care section, and may be check out the Cat health section

I have had cats most of my life also but there are so many new discoveries out there even us "experienced cat care givers" can learn some new things from these areas.

I am happy you found the little guy, sounds like he is in good hands.
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You CAN give him some milk (preferably one of the cat-milk substitutes, if you can get that). Put the liquid in a fairly shallow saucer. If he's eating soft food, he's probably getting most of the liquid he needs from that, but a little extra milk might not hurt.

You undoubtedly saved a life! You, sir, are a HERO!!!
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Please don't give him milk. Go to a pet store and get formula. My kitten had to go to the vet a couple of time because he wasn't pooping, so keep you vet informed if it's been a couple of days. My kitty had to have a little kitty enema. Sounds like you are taking care of him just perfectly. As with any small child, make sure you "kitty-proof" your place - put away anything that could be easily swallowed - strings, rubberbands, etc. Good luck and we would love to see a photo if you are able to post one!
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Thank you everyone for the votes of confidence and the advice, I really appreciate it. Little Pedro is doing well. He is checking out the living room while attacking his shadow...and occasionally swiping at his reflection in the brass coffee table,

Here is the little guy the day after I found him. If you can't tell, I had to make an enclosure quick so I used the empty box from my Guitar Hero game and blocked the doorway to my walk-in closet. This isn't going to work much longer though, just in the past 2 days he has built so much strength he is jumping a good 2-3" off the ground. He is very comfortable in the living room though, I always keep him out here with me when I'm home.

My little boy!!!!
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Aw! He's so cute! It was great of you to take him in!
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Our cat Parrot had difficulty learning to use a water bowl just after coming from his mother too. What we did was set him in front of it and dip our fingers in the water so he could lick it off, gradually moving our fingers closer and closer to the bowl until he was drinking directly from it. Worked great, and he learned very quickly.

And yes, the darker poo might have something to do with a lack of water.
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Aww what a cute little guy!! Bless you for saving his life!
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He is cute and looks about the size of my 4 week olds. I got my little ones to drink water in a similar way that Abstract used.
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Oh what a little doll... and you saved his life!!!
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Adorable baby. . .
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Oh, how cute is he!!!????
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