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eyebrow and nose bothering: what is this?

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We have a neutered male Siamese, who has the run of the house and often sleeps on our bed. He has a couple of curious behaviours:
Nose: in the morning, he often wakes me by touching his nose to mine, then backing off.
He doesn't seem to want a cuddle or to climb on me - just to touch noses and stare at me.
Eyebrow: Less frequently, but still not uncommonly, when i'm in bed he'll reach out and stroke my eyebrow with one extended claw. This is a bit disconcerting.
My reaction to both these is usually to move the cat away from my face and try to keep sleeping - with the cat in a safe snuggling place. His reaction is usually to move and repeat the beaviour.
It's not like i encourage him to get in my face, or get up and feed him - my wife does the feeding, but doesn't get this beaviour. I am the one who gives him the most petting and attention though.
I'm curious to hear if anyone else has experienced this, particulalry the eyebrow thing, which is very careful and cooridinated. I don't have huge bushy eyebrows by the way.
And, what might be behind this beaviourally?
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I think it is a form of endearment. He's saying he likes you!
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I agree with that! He's certainly my cat rather than the family's. I'm just curious about the behaviour - why does he express himself in these ways?

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He is expressing his love and respect while attempting to wake you to get some love and more importantly the morning feeding! The behavior of lightly touching your face is very respectful, he honors your space and body. Many cats don't understand or respect that! Maia is the most amazing kitty I have ever met with this physical respect. She attempts to wake me every morning, lightly touching my face with her nose, purring, if my face is buried, she will do a gentle pawing. My response is grumble and roll over, sometimes cover my head, and she always ends up curling up between my legs to fall back to sleep. This way she is the first to know when I awake!
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I have noticed that Siamese especially have more human body awareness than other cats...
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chloe does that too, only she licks my eyebrow (they could use some grooming haha.) i think its sooo cute when she does it!

i nodded off in the chair thursday and i think she thought i was having a seizure (im epileptic); when i woke up she was sitting right next to me on the arm of the chair giving me headbutts, licking my cheek, eyebrow and nose while holding onto my face with her paw. it was so endearing as soon as i woke up completely she started purring and touching my nose with hers
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