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I miss my nieces

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Well, they aren't actually my nieces. They are the daughters of my best friend, Alycia, since 9th grade. But I love them as if they were my nieces. They have been my nieces since before they were born (actually since before since they were concieved). Since they live near by, I get the pleasure of seeing them all the time.

My sister and I have wanted kids ever since we were little. Since we aren't any where close to getting married and having kids, Mackenzie (7) and her sister Kiley (5) are the closest things we have to having kids. Also when they are around, our arms less empty

Well about a week ago Alycia became mad at my sister and I because we wouldnt give her money. We didnt give her money because over the years (14), we have let her "borrow" THOUSANDS of dollars for one reason or another. Every time she PORMISES to pay us back. She has NEVER paid us back one penny that she has borrowed. We finally said ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!! No more!!!!!! This got her soooooo mad that we havent heard from her since. We try calling her but she wont pickup. We leave voice mail, no response. We try texting, no response.

This makes my sister and I sad because we arent able to see our nieces. Our arms and heart are empty with out them.

We are also sad because we dont have a friend anymore (Alycia was really our only friend too)

Does anyone have any "nieces" or "nephews" we could borrow? We promise to spoil them!!!!!!!!!!
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What a selfish lady - Mackenzie & Kiley must be missing you two, as well!!! Maybe you could volunteer somewhere - I knew a woman who used to volunteer as a mentor to the kids at Orangewood (the Orange County Children's Center). She even finally fostered a little girl whose mom got ill & died and the dad was in prison and the grandparents lost custody Anyway, she said it was very rewarding and she did it until her husband got cancer & now her time is consumed caring for him.
I hope that Alycia has a change of heart very soon; as I said earlier, she's being selfish!!! and so inconsiderate of her daughters' feelings as well as being a fair-weather friend
Sending prayers and vibes to you all
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oh my goodness! that person called you a friend? I really hope that she's not teaching you "neices" this as a life lesson (don't be friends with people who won't "loan" you money).

Have you thought about fostering a child or (a little easier) looking up a big brother/big sisters? How about volunteering for a Girl Scouts in your area?
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My aunt and uncle had a solution to the "borrowing" problem.

Once their kids were adults, if they came to them for a loan, they would say, "We will GIVE you the money...just this once. If you ever want us to give you any more money, you have to give this money back to us. If you never give it back, that's fine...but don't ever ask for another penny."

It worked, too.
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My sister and I were able to, finally, contact our "friend" today. She said that she didnt want to be friends because "We dont hang out as much as we did". Can you BELIEVE that!!!!!!! She wants to end a 14 YEAR friendship just because of busy schedules!!!!!!!!

If she didnt have 2 daughters who I LOVE and MISS SOOOOOOO MUCH, I wouldnt have cared. BUT she DOES have these 2 kids. Mackenzie and Kiley have been our WORLD since before they were even born!!!!! It hurts SOOOOOOOO MUCH to have to live our lives without them.

All my sister and I have ever wanted was to have kids. Because we dont have kids of our own, we have been "borrowing" other peoples children. Amber and I call these children that we borrow "Our Little Ones". Now all of "Our Little Ones" are grown now, too big to be "Little".

The comfort we had in this was that we still had Mackenzie and Kiley. Now, without them, our hearts are broken and "are arms are empty".

We try to talk to family members about how much it hurts. No one understands. They all make comments about how we dont need friends like Alycia. But they DONT UNDERSTAND!!!!! They dont understand that its NOT about Alycia. Its about how MUCH we miss Mackenzie and Kiley.

I read that some people suggested that we volunteer somewhere or be foster parents, but that's not going to work.

I live with my grandpa, and although we are old enough to make our own decisions, because we are living with him, we have to ask "permission" to do anything. He doesnt believe in working if you arent going to get paid for it. So.... because of this we cant volenteer anywhere. And there is no way he is going to let us be foster parents while we live with him.

So...it looks like Amber and I will be "Little Ones"less untill we are married and have children of our own. Who knows how long that will be.

We are just SOOOOO SAD and heart broken to not have any "Little Ones" in our lives any more.
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awww thats awfull!
i need an aunty as i havet found my real one yet :/
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I hate to sound like a cliche, but "The Cat Came Back"

The other day, Alycia, just all of a sudden sent a text message to my sister. We were able to meet her for lunch the next day.

I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED because now we have our nieces back!!!!!!! I still havent seen them, but once I get my hands on them I dont know if I will be able to let them go.
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Im sorry i dont want to sound rude but why dont you have children of your own?
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