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so excited & this was the place to share it

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Hi guys!

as many of you know (& some do not) I adopted 2 feral cats (3 & 1/2 months old) unknowingly from the animal shelter. it's been a L O N G , hard 3 months but they have come around so much that it makes my heart sing.

a big victory happened on friday when Cracker jumped into my lap while I was at the computer. she had never sat in my lap before. now she has done it a dozen times since then.

so they are finally to the point where they are 'fun' and not cowering & hiding.

yesterday I went to petsmart & bought a 2 story 'kitty cave' for them, a scratching post & a window perch. they were on that window perch 20 minutes after I brought it home. they love it! (highly recommend this if you don't already have one) I set the kitty cave against my bedroom window so I would have another kind of kitty perch & they have been climbing all over that since I brought it home. they have attacked their scratching post (it's the kind with the rope around it) but haven't gotten the idea yet.

i also bought cat nip which was a hoot :laughing: watching them with.

anyway I'm so excited that they like everything. I have been waiting for this day forever. : I haven't been able to spoil them before now.

I knew that no one would understand the pure joy I'm feeling right now except you guys ( or even why I'm so happy )

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Congratulations ! What a warm feeling you must have right now
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YAY AP!!!!

That is a true success story. Your long hard work paid off! You should be very proud of yourself. Hope you have a great weekend! Our Walk for Sanctuary went very well. I had someone take a picture of me so you can at least see what I look like. I'll try and post it. There other one is of me and my daughter Amy. Here goes:
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To finally gain their trust and show them that not all humans are nasty bad guys! Wait till that first head-bump and then you will feel like a million bucks! Way to go AP, way to hang in there, endure the frustration, and now reap the rewards. BTW when are you adopting a third? *EG*
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Even my closest friends that I've had forever don't really 'get' what a big deal it is for me. they're happy b/c I'm happy, but it's hard for them to understand.

Hissy, I would LOVE to have another one, but unfortunately I really don't have the space and these girls still have so far to go. I'm just enjoying them so much right now. it's almost like I just got them, instead of 3 months ago. I really hope down the road I'm able to rescue some more. I look at them and feel so good about giving them a home. and in some ways I think they saved me just as much as I saved them.

Donna, great picture! I also saw the one on the another thread of you & your daughter. she is beautiful. can I just tell you this (the cats) feels like one of my greatest accomplishments.
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This is so exciting! You are so wonderful to have saved them and they are so lucky to have found you!!!

Donna, are you the one sitting in the car? I was looking very hard and couldn't see nobody else
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That is so wonderful! It took Lilly 2 hrs to warm up to me (a can of tuna did the job )
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AP: I can't believe no one sent you a congratulatory :pinky: or Hip, Hip, Hooray :jarswim: on your success with the 2 girls. Now that you're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: and OF COURSE

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That's awsome that they are finally coming around. I can't wait til' I buy my first home (this summer) and start building the cat walkways. I'm gonna go rescue me a nice little calico somewhere.
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that is such great news!!! good for you, i am so happy for you, and
so excited!! i've never had a feral cat, but, there are a few strays in this
neighbourhood - every once in awhile one of them will come up
to me while i am outside smoking and let me pet them for a moment before scurrying away -

and that feels amazing. so i have a tiny perspective of how you must
be feeling right now, and i'm very happy for you

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You see, they knew how much you love them. You are doing a GREAT job with them. You are such a great example for people to follow. We need more people like you for those poor babies who get dumped in shelters!!!
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