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My search showed that MaineCoon (J.C.) and Manx (Joey)are my pets of choice
I was going to recommend an MC as fitting the bill for the OP,except that MC's don't like to be held although they love snuggling alongside!! Joey, a Manx, is primarily a 2-person cat, he sleeps with me but allows only my grandson to "truck" him around.
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Thanks for the link GK, I do find the face markings of the charcoal attractive, it is very contrasty but I still don't know how I feel about them really. I think I'd need to see a cat in person to really know. I'm not immediately sold on them though.
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I think most people have covered a lot of ground. For my part, I have two boys: a ragdoll and an exotic. I wanted a laidback, affectionate, docile and sweet cat but playful. They definetely but fulfill that! I'd say that my ragdoll is very codependant. Apparently, that's a trait of the breed. I got the exotic to keep him company (and coz i wanted a second cat ) I wouldnt say that ragdolls are low shed: they only have one coat so they shed less than other longhairs but they shed. And if you dont comb on a regular basis, they'll still get knots. Exotics are great for that: they have a super soft plushy coat. But, they have goopy eyes (flat face) which need to be clean. But i find its rather easy to do. Its also a good idea to meet kittens and see which personnality jumps at you!
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Yes Im definetly leaning towards the Ragdoll. I even like that it can be a bigger cat,"sturdy" my kids are lovers when it comes to animals, they are gentle and know not to be rough but they do love to cuddle with them and put there heads down to them. From all the things I have read and heard about this breed I think they will fit the bill. oh someone told me they do not hunt mice, Is this true? I cant see a cat not wanting to chase a
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I'm sure that most cats would go after a mouse, Ragdolls included. One thing to keep in mind is that ALL kittens will act like kittens - not like the personality of an adult cat. If you expect any kitten to be laid back, cuddly, etc., then think twice about getting a kitten.

An older cat will have the personality you want. For example, Brit adults are pretty laid back, quiet cats - but the kittens are normal kittens that run and play and jump and climb.
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Duchess, my mom's Persian, was a sweet, laid back and very intelligent girl. She was one of the smartest cats we have ever owned and just as unique in her personality.

She loved sleeping with anyone she could, let me dress her in baby clothes when I was younger, and was as graceful as her name.

She knew if we were going somewhere of if one of us was sick. She would always lay with us even if she was sick herself. She would lay in my dad's lap at the computer and put her chin on the board where the keyboard was.

Not all Persians are laid back. Maya our other Persian, talks all the time and does not like to be held that often. She also will not lay in your lap.

It just depends. You have exceptions in every breed.
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Originally Posted by kansas View Post
From what I have read about the Ragdoll they are a minamal med hair shedding cat.
They do shed, I was at a Raggie breeders house for 5 minutes picking up some show curtains and I walked out covered in white fur and I didn't even pick up a cat.

I know other breeders who also say theirs shed quite a lot.

Also big shedders are the British Shorthairs, it's quite surprising how much they shed.
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I have come across a lady that has Siamese/Birman/Ragdoll kittens...
I am going to look up all these breeds and see what kind of temperment they would end up with...I emailed her and asked how big they get, what the dominent breed is and things like that...
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You mean this lady is crossing those breeds? Pleaseeeeeeeee don't buy a kitten from her. That is irresponsible breeding and more then likely backyard breeding. This type doesn't care about the cats as far as who gets them, are they spayed/neutered before leaving, health guarentee, etc.

You'd do much better if you want a mix to rescue a shelter cat rather then put money in the pocket of a backyard breeder!
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No Im not going to buy a kitten from her, just researching the breeds that would be best fit for my house more than anything, She did say she offers a 1 yr health gaurentee they dont leave til 12 weeks with 2 sets of shots, they are sold onlty with a spay/neuter contract and she asks that if you cant keep the cat for any reason that they return to her at no charge. She has 2 females and 1 male that she breeds
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As long as she is not crossing the breeds that is ok. Some breeders do work with more then one breed. I thought from your typing these were mixed breed cats
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I would look for a breeder that spays/neuters before you get the cat, not just a contract that you will get it done. It's much better when everything is already done for you.
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It depends on the breeder really. When I was looking for a Maine Coon, some of the breeders I was considering did the spay/neuter early and some had a s/n contract. Some of the breeders did not agree with early spay/neuter, so they did a contract instead. The breeder we ended up getting a kitten from had a contract which says they should be s/n between 7-9 months old...
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