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GRRR sometimes I hate the MPA (a little long)

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Ok well for those of you that don't know, I'm a guitarist, and although I try not to use tabs, I still almost have to to get the proper key signature and some difficult solos. One of the two main sites I use for tabs (www.powertabs.net and www.ultimate-guitar.com) has been shut down by the MPA (Music Producers Association). I like www.powertabs.net (the one that was shut down) more than ultimate-guitar because ultimate-guitar.com has all kinds of tabs (power tabs, guitar pro tabs, simple guitar tabs, chord tabs, etc.) and although their tabs are usually good, I mostly use power tabs because the program that they use is a free download while the other leading tab software, guitar pro, is very expensive.

Now as I've said, I don't mind ultimate-guitar because their tabs are usually very good, but their tabs are also mostly for guitar pro. So I use powertabs.net because they specialize in power tabs. I recently went to powertabs.net to see if they had the tab for an unreleased single by Dream Theater called Raise the Knife. It was played at a live concert in 2005 and I've always wanted to learn it but I haven't been able to get the solo right. Anyways. I went to see if it was at powertabs.net and I got a message saying "this website has been shut down by the MPA". I knew that powertabs.net and the MPA have been have a bit of a conflict but there was never any talk about shutting them down.

Now If you're wondering why the MPA would want to shut down tab sites, it is simple. The MPA gets money from tab books that they sell for 100 times their actual worth. I've seen a tab book with just over 60 pages being sold for $299.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just a bit frustrated with the MPA closing one of the best tab sites on the internet and not bothering with any of the less used ones.
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Wow! Not sure if I understood all that, but I think that I got the jist all right.
Yesterday, I helped an elderly client from ordering a sample form for an Advance Care Health Directive & found her some free samples on the web thru the State of California's links. I have even seen court forms for sale that can be obtained free from the judicial council's website: www.courtinfo.ca.gov.
I don't understand WHY everything has to become a money-making scheme
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I doubt they'd release any of their tabs for free on their site for fans like some bands do, would they? ...Probably too busy or realize they can make decent money from the tab books.

But I agree, shutting down tab and lyrics sites is ridiculous. No one is making money from learning lyrics or having fun playing a song from their favorite band.

You could check p2ps, sometimes fans will share individual tabs. Though to get them in any sort of perfectly labeled organized fashion you'd likely have to try Japanese servers since Japanese fans will collect any and everything they can - then flaunt it. Fan sites and unofficial forums would be the other option.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Tab sites are wonderful, helping people who love music learn how to play it -- how could this not be a good thing?

Yes, a site where people can privately trade tabs... that's how we can thwart this!
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The part that I really don't understand about all this is that the MPA stated "www.powertabs.net contains illegal copies of copyrighted material". However, powertabs.net is VERY strict about their rules. If they find any evidence at all of something being illegally shared, that member is banned, and all of his transcriptions are permanently removed from the site. All the transcriptions I have ever seen from that site have been done by an individual who has taken the time to listen to the song and slowly transcribe the pitches from guitar or strings or keyboard - whatever instrument it may be - on to paper. The worst part about this is that when powertabs.net offered to remove any material that the MPA claims is copyrighted, they refused. Powertabs.net then offered to let the MPA monitor all incoming files and if they find any illegal material, they could have it removed and take any action toward the person that submitted it that they deem necessary. But once again, they refused. I'm sure that this is just a result of a big corporation that wants to get another billion dollars. Greed has consumed them.

P.S. I know that not everyone on here may know exactly what I'm talking about here so if anyone has a question about any of this, just as a question - either on this thread or send me a PM - and I will do my best to answer it and help you understand.
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Originally Posted by TigerOnTheProwl View Post
Greed has consumed them.
Yes, sad to say, greed has consumed darn near everybody in business. I've heard people quote the "Wall Street" film character Gordon Gekko's line, "Greed is good," and not even realize that it was meant to be an expression of the character's wrongness. People quote it now as if it were wisdom.

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