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To all my friend's & family
I have decided to change my life completely.I have given great thought to this and have decided to go a totally different way,therefore,I would:
like to say goodbye to all of you,The Red Cross needs volunteers
and I decided to become one of them,I will be spending most of my time at the field hospital,with other volunteers helping sick,dying people.I know it is a complete change in direction and you're probably shocked but it is something I want to do.I am starting on March 17,2003 and I am really looking foward to it! Please do not try to stop me! I have made up my mind!My new co-workers have sent me a picrure to welcome me on their crew! Goodbye!
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are you serious sherral?

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Oh my............!!!!!

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then im joining too.


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No she's not going...... I'm goin in her place!!!

Look at that crew!
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I think we're going to have a line waiting to join that crew....

Great picture Sherral!
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That was priceless!
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where do we sign up?
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sherral... are you trying to recruit us, too? 'cause it's working!
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I wonder how many of us could fit on board? What a bunch of hunks! My cousin sent it to me.
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: What a way to spend a couple of months!
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I'll be there, just as soon as I reactivate my medical certification! With motivation, like that, it should take me about 30 seconds!
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Gosh Sherral - you had me scared for a minute! Just from the title of the thread I thought you were seriously saying Goodbye!

But I guess with a crew like that, I could understand the reasoning behind leaving us. :LOL: I mean, we do only have a couple of men on the board at all compared with a whole CREW like that!
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:LOL: I thought she was going until I saw the pic!
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Oh, no you don't! I happen to know that most of you ladies are married or otherwise taken. I'M SINGLE!!! Outta my way!!!:karate: Don't make me have to get medieval on you!
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Oh my gosh. you had me fooled! I was ready to say good by!
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REd Cross? The minimum i can do is to give them my is O+.. i think not many has that type of blood...

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ROFLMAO! I thought, good God, how did we offend somebody THIS time? Sherral, that was truly a good one!
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It might be wise if I went along --as a chaperone, of course...
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I think all you Ladies will need a chaperone (me).
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Hey Jeanie great minds think alike. (That is my Mums name btw)
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Well, we certainly don't have any interest in those handsome young men! Of course we would be chaperones, Sue. What else?
post #25 of 27 they need any more volunteers????
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What is the number of women going? I hope we don't sink the ship!! I can not swim!
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I, for 1, am not volunteering! I am staying away from any ship headed toward the midde east, no matter the motivation. But I say that you all go for it - something has to keep up the troops morale!
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