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Here's a mystery

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Punkin's face is white. Most of his whisker are white. But he always has a few black whiskers. they grow in black and turn white, or is there some other explanation?

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Rocky has a few black whiskers, too, and he's red like your Punkin. His brother Oliver, who is red and white, has no black whiskers.

I've wondered about that myself . . .
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I don't have an answer, but I had to say -- he is one handsome dude!
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Yeah, he thinks so, too!

We always tease him about his "rubber eraser" nose.
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What a gorgeous boy!
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Popsie's whiskers are all white except for one. There is a black one above his eye.
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What a gorgeous cat, ahem, I mean HANDSOME cat....I love those black accent whiskers
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I think you may be right about the whiskers coming in black and turning white but I can't say for sure. My friend's cat is about 17 years old now and he used to have black whiskers but now they are all white. Personally I think it's a lot like human hair. As we age, our hair turns gray/white, and I think the color of the whiskers could be a clue to the age of a cat.
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Well, I don't recall ever finding any black whiskers around the house, but I've found a number of white ones, so that kind of puzzled me...
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No ideas about the whiskers, but he is very stunning.
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He's gorgeous. I think the black whiskers add a distinguishing look.
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Most of Nikita's whiskers start out black and then turn white. Don't know why that happens really.

Edit: For clarification, they are black at the root and then white at the tip. I.e two colours in the same whisker at the same time, they don't change colour from all black to all white.
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Aww he's so handsome! How old is he?
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Punkin just turned 5 last week. At least, that's our guess at his birthday.
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here's a pic of my gorgeous rb cat janet. same thing, some white some black whiskers. never could figure that one out!
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I don't know about whiskers either..but he's a handsome kitty
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Punkin is a gorgeous boy! I love that close up photo of him
I always wondered about different colored whiskers myself...colorful whiskers are neat
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