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My Cat Thinks He's a Dog...HELP!!

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Frances, 4 yo male red tabby, has started growling at his twitching tail almost every night. First he growls, then he attacks and bites it. He gets really upset. Is this normal??? HELP!
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Check his tail for parasites or skin rashes.
If it happens lets say only once or twice a month , it is just like my Skinny. She chases her tail and bites it. She's just being goofy.
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Ollie chases his tail all the time... his tail is always wagging or the tip twitches, no matter what his mood (even more indication he thinks he's dog) so he'll be laying/sitting watching it twitch then chase and pounce... then he looks like he's gonna bite it and I go "it's gonna hurt..." then *CHOMP* and he looks all surprised!

My cat also begs at our dinnertime and for his treats, does tricks, runs to the fridge when it's opened, greets me at the door.... he definitely thinks he's dog
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This isn't really a dog characteristic as much as either physical discomfort or an obsessive behavior. First is to make sure it's not a medical reason, skin disorder, infection, allergy. Does he attack his tail to the point of afflicting pain? Is he causing any physical irritation from this? How much play time does he get each day and what environmental stimulants does he have?
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My kitten chases her tail as well, but it's all just for fun to her. She thinks that she was born with a piece of yarn tied to her, and she just wants to make the best of it!
But I had to laugh when I read the topic name, because it rang true to me, though not in the exact way:
My four year old dog thinks she's a cat!
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You have some great advice. Check his skin for anything out of the ordinary. He could have allergies or parasites.
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