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Unusual Purring

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My cat has a bed at the bottom of the closet in my bedroom. Whenever I go to sleep (and he comes a bit later) I can hear him start purring. This happens almost everyday and I saw him once and he was going up and down with both of his front paws. I think this is called kneading. He does it for about 5 minutes then goes to sleep.

Is this normal? I heard that cats never purr when they're alone (I am about 10 feet from him though).

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Hello and welcome to TCS!

My boys will do the same thing, although they're more likely to purr when they're close to me.
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My Jack purrs and kneads every night when he's settling down
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All three of ours knead and purr before they lay down to go to sleep.
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Kneading mimics what kittens do to stimulate milk from their mothers, and the prospect of a meal makes them purr in that instance.
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Of all the cats I've owned, a great many had this habit, and it's almost always connected to the kitty finding a soft, comfortable place, (such as a blanket), which sets the kneading process in motion. I'm sure it has something to do with memories of kittenhood, when they did likewise to get a meal from mama.
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i have one that purrs if i talk to him.
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Pepper purrs if he is kneading his cow (it's a stuffed animal). Petunia will follow me around purring sometimes. They are strange kitties !
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Shermie purrs when he sees me get home. It seems that he even purrs in his sleep. LOL He also likes kneading really fuzzy blankets!
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Nacho can be all the way across the room, all I have to do is look at him and he starts up.
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Yep, Sebastian does this, too. He has his own soft, fluffy pillow on "our" bed. When we go to bed at night he kneads it for about 5 minutes or so then lays down to sleep.
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