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Cat owners with Anti-cat neighbors, a place to vent or get your feelings out

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I thought it would be good if we had a thread about people who own cats, and have anti-cat neighbors who make life for us cat owners a little more difficult, or just plain annoying.

This can be a place to vent or talk about it and let your feelings out so you can talk to others with the same problem. You can also share thoughts about what you *wish* you could do to get even, lol, the answers should be something funny or witty, not hatred or violent.

I'll start with myself.

I own 2 indoor cats, and care for about 10 strays all whom are fixed.

I worry most about the strays since they have to stay outside all the time. I've got 2 cat houses for them to sleep in, but 10 cats cannot all get the opportunity to sleep in them, so some must find places elsewhere to sleep in the neighborhood, and unfortunetly they love to hide under my neighbors patio and roll around in the dirt on a warm day, talk about a love/hate relationship! My neighbor hates cats for some reason, and owns a large dog who if got hold of a cat could kill it or injure it bad if it wanted to but so far hasnt touched a cat. The stupid thing is he is the person who loves dogs, but hates cats, so it's like a stupid steriotype, because we have never owned a dog, but always had cats. The only difference between us, is that we like ALL animals, and dont "hate" any animal, we dont have the house for a dog so thats why we never had one. Plus my neighbors dog is allowed to run loose and basically only runs on our property and goes to the bathroom on our lawn at the edge of our property, oh, and chases all the cats away and barks like mad. My neighbor is breaking the law by letting the dog stay outside off a leash and sometimes without any collar on, but if we report the dog he'll know it's us, and if that happens he'll probably try to do something to the cats like trap them or something, and being his dog is elderly and half blind she isnt out much anymore to begin with, so I would feel bad for the dog if she got taken away at such an old age, though I wouldnt feel bad for my neighbor.

I just felt like ranting because it's hard enough living next to someone you dont get along with and who wont even say hi to you even though you are in arms reach of them, but on top of that i've got like 10 other lives I need to watch out for, even though I dont *technically* own them as my own pets.

It's only a dream and can never happen, but if big cats were allowed here, he wouldnt be letting his dog out on our property or try to mess with us!

One of our strays actually stood by his fence as he tried to scare it away, and then it started actually meowing back at him, something no other cat has ever done! My neighbor just walked away angry, but I actually felt happy after!
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I could never understand how someone couldn't like cats. I mean they're pretty awesome. Poeple who don't like animals (of any kind), I have a tendency to avoid. They're weirdos....
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In my opinion, people who hate cats or any other animal for that matter, are actually psychopaths or on the way there.
I have neighbors that do not hate cats, they just do not like cats. They will not go out of their way to trap or kill cats, some are even willing to feed them leftovers, but they do not see them as pets. More like rat control pests.
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if my neighbors would let their cats in the house and feed them, they wouldnt have to be living in our barn where i feed them and eventually take them to our local rescue village be fixed and adopted out to real family who wants them..
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Anyone else care to share?
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I don't think I really want to get started on our nasty next-door neighbors, who constantly let their cats mate w/o any concern for the welfare of the pet population. I'd be here all night..

But I will give an example of what kind of people they are...

While I was out feeding THEIR strays one day, Salem (who is now my cat) ran into the house when I opened the door to feed them. I went back inside to fetch her, and the next-door lady saw this with a look of disbelief on her face and proceeded to say, "She (Salem) won't even let me pick her up or touch her!"

Well, what do you expect, when you mistreat them??

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