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Hairdressers or those experienced with coloring

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I need help! I've been coloring my hair for years (first just additional bits of color added, then when I began doing my own color, just using L'Oreal's Blondisseme= mis-spelled of course) to get close to the medium/light ash blond I was for most of my adult life.

I no longer want to do this, and wish to let my real color grow out - lot of white, some silver and a medium brown.

I cut off a good 6 inches of hair (yes...er..myself..uhm...) but still have now a growing bit of my real color with blond below...even in a ponytail (my usual way of doing my hair these days) it's not working for me (ugh!)

What do I do? Should I just color it once more with a brunette that looks close to my real growing out color, and then just let that grow out - since the difference would be much more subtle?

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We need Monique (carwashcats) on here because she's a hairdresser
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If it were me, I would find a good hairdresser and get them to do the colouring for me. It doesn't matter what colour your hair was before you started colouring, it will be different now and you would only be guessing at what colour to do it. A good hairdresser should be able to combine several colours to give you a more natural look because nobody's hair is all the same colour.

I had an excellent Italian hairdresser some years ago that told me our skin also changes as we age so that our "natural" colour of our youth can and often does look very dark and phony with our skin tone today. My current hairdresser refused to colour my hair when I was looking for a job 5 years ago. He told me people paid big money to have their hair like mine . I've allowed my hair to go silver naturally. Yes, lucky for me, my hair is silver rather than a dull gray. My hubby loves it and would be very upset if I started colouring it.

Having said all that, I would recommend a good, qualified hairdresser to bring your hair back to it's lustrous glory.
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Why not go for a shorter style? Depending on how long ago you last coloured it, you may be able to get rid of the coloured portion that way. Then either let it grow or keep it in the short style. You may find that you actually like short better than medium or long.

I coloured my hair for the first time in years this past January. My hair grows so fast, and because I have a short style, tomorrow when I go to get my hair cut the last of the colour will be cut out.
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I have yet to find a hairdresser I liked enough to stay with in WA..so I just trim it myself..and had grown it down almost to my waist. Even having cut off at least 6 inches, it's still down to the top of my shoulders...too much color, to leave with me with much more than a short short cut which I don't want.

I think I'll just try a darker color that I think I can grow out without such a stark difference.
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Shave it all off!!!

No just kidding

I had a similar situation as yours...my hair color is naturally dark ash blonde and I dyed it red for YEARS until a couple of years ago. Red is probably one of the hardest colors to get rid of. I was trying to grow it out naturally and mixing it with off the shelf hair dye, but after a year and a half I was still half red and half ash blonde.

I finally went to my hairdresser and payed some $$$ towards her getting the red out. Whatever formulas they use is beyond my knowledge
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