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Got Dottie a new washer and dryer...

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The old ones, that were included in the price of the house almost 11 years ago, were never very good and looked like they were on their last legs. I mean, they worked, but the washer broke down last month and I had to fix the timer, and the dryer was making funny noises.

So, I got her a new pair of front-loading machines. Save energy, all that stuff.

Well, the problem is that they're in the laundry room. No big shock. But the cats' litter box was there, too, and they REALLY don't like the new machines. The dryer is bad enough, since now they can see the clothes going around. But the washer moves unpredictably, sprays water in or pumps it out in bursts, spins at a variety of speeds and directions, and just generally terrifies the cats.

Guess the litterbox is going to have to stay in Dottie's office!
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I can imagine what my two would do with a dryer like that, they'd watch the clothes go round and round.

Either they'll eventually get used to it or your wife will get used to the litter box, it's a small compromise on her part since she got a new washer and dryer set.

Supposedly the front load washers are gentler on clothes too!
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lol, I just got a new washer and dryer too and my cats are the same way with the washer
When its time for Munchkin to get his raw food I have to set it in the dining room now or he just stares at the washer (its been on for about two days now, lol) hopefully they'll get used to it though!
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Gosh I have weird cats as mine ignore my front loading machine and I did have a litter box next to it under my laundry sink but relocated that to the basement.
Just a warning the clothes do take alot longer to wash but mine for instance has a timer so I can set it to start early in the morning so a load is done by time I get up in the morning.
And you can stuff the washer pretty full too.
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