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Getting Rid Of Bad Dreams

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Has anyone here had bad reoccuring dreams? Any ideas on how to make them go away?

The past couple of months I keep having the same kind of dreams. I'll be lost in a big city and I'll be trying to get a hold of my SO but I can't dial his phone number as hard as I try I can't work my phone properly and I keep hitting the wrong keys. Sometimes I would be out with my SO and he'd disappear and I couldn't find him and no one could help me or tell me were he was.

Or I would be drowning or in some sort of trouble and I could see him and I would try to yell out to him to help me but my voice was gone.

I thought that they dreams would go away once I realized that the relationship was no good and I had to leave but they're still happening. I hate waking up and feeling so unsettled in the morning. I'm fine during the day but for the first couple of hours after having a dream like that I get a really big knot in my stomach.
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My guess is that your subconscious was trying to tell you something was 'off' with that relationship... now that it's over (assuming i read that right), you still need to heal your heart from the time you were together and the breakup. If it hasn't been that long since the breakup, give it some time... work on the healing... things should settle down in time... if not, then maybe seeing a counselor might help...

I could be wrong... but just on the surface, that's one possibility.

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Other possiblity is what the relationship brought out in you that was "bad". Accept and work on making yourself stronger, and look at other relationships around you - those with friends and family.

Another hint for working through this dreams is to write them down a detailed as you can. Circle or highlight anything that stands out or could possibly have meaning then look it up, sometimes the meaning will be something only you will know so it helps if you can figure them out yourself.
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Try lucid dreaming. You can get rid of your bad dreams this way and can stop or switch dreams should on head the way of a bad dream.
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