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Is he grooming my bf?

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My cat does the cutest thing and was wondering if anyone knew why he would do this? Capone will lick my bfs legs after a shower. No matter what he is doing, eating, playing, sleeping (this is the ONLY thing he will wake up for), etc once he hears my bf turn off the shower he bolts in the bathroom waits patiently for my boyfriend to step out then get all serious and start licking his legs and feet for like 2 min. Afterwards he will look really self satisfied and go back to whatever he was doing. He does this every single day. He doesn’t do it to me though.

Is he grooming him? I always make fun of my boyfriend and say he so dirty Capone thinks the shower doesn’t help LOL. Its really cute. Even if my boyfriend is rushing Capone will panic and groom him faster if he thinks my boyfriend wont let him finish.

Actually on that note while im on this topic he also licks his head, the top of his head. Not so much anymore but he did that before he started the whole leg thing.
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My cat licks me after I wash my hand. I think this shows they like to drink water that way, off a wet surface.
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My cat licks my leg too after a shower sometimes. It's not for two minutes straight, more like two licks. She always walk into the tub once the water is turned off and walks to the front of the tub for some water. It's cute. =)
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My cats will do that - they like to lick my feet and toes after a shower. Then once the water is gone from there, they'll jump in the tub and lick the water up. I don't let them do that, because there's a chance they may ingest soap, but it's still cute :p
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