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Daily Thread TGIF!!!!!

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Morning everyone!

It dawned on me, Nat's probably still getting her beauty sleep for Josh

Today is suppose to be a high in the 50s, but rainy...both today and tomorrow. Nothing exciting happening here today.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Morning cats.

It's really nice here today. Right now we are at 1*C. For the first time in a long time, we didn't go below 0 overnight.

Not much going on today. Just school, then the gym and later tonight me and some friends are going to have a little unofficial bowling tournament.

Then this weekend, I gotta start studying for final exams. They are right around the corner. Our last day of classes is April 11th and then I have 2 exams on the 14th, 2 on the 16th, and one on the 23rd.
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Oh i forgot her man was coming today

Yet again it's windy! it's been feeling warmer but the temperatures are dropping again for the weekend.

Thank goodness it's friday No alarm going off at 6.25 tomorrow
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It's spring here. That means bluebonnets and rain showers. Well, thunderstorms. Well, maybe gully washers and toad stranglers.

Since I had jury duty on Tuesday, dispatch only scheduled me for one trip this week, so I'm off. Dottie has to work today, but tomorrow we're planning on driving south to look at the bluebonnets, eat at a good restaurant, and stay in a hotel or motel. We were thinking of going to San Antonio, but the March madness is going on down there, so hotels are sky high. Guess we'll stay closer to Austin. Maybe we'll take the hot rod. Maybe we'll find a smokey blues lounge where Stevie Ray Vaughan used to play...

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2 more hours until I pick him up!!!

I just got up and am about to get ready..Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I gotta gooooooooooooo!

Thanks for starting the Daily Jenney!

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Enjoy your weekend Natalie
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I like Stevie Ray Vaughn!!!

Its starting off to be a great sunny and warm (55F) day!!

I am finally going to hang some clothes on the clothesline to dry. I will work outside trying to clean up more flower beds. Its hard though as I still have bits of snow in some and they are pretty wet.

The cats have been spending more time outside. Bobs can't make up her mind : in/out, in/out all day long!!

The beef tenderloin recipe turned out over well. A fair amount of steps but its a keeper!!

Going to use the firepit tonite and grill out some burgers/brats and veggies!!!

Won't be on tomorrow as I have a garden seminar all day-the topic is Going Green Living and Gardening Sustainably. Its from 9-4 and then after arriving home Neil wants to head north to visit some relatives. Bad thing is the weather i ssupposed to be nicer tomorrow (60F!!) and I'll be inside. Oh well.

Have a good day...
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Morning All!!!!

Overcast and rainy here but at least it's warm

Heading off to work in a bit, have several meetings today with supervisor's and a couple of department heads then with my boss around 3. Hard to believe it's time already to start discussing extra summer employee's and interns. Gee's winter is just starting to be over..

After work I have several errands to run then home for a quiet night in front of the TV or perhaps some games at the Arcade here..

The kitties are good this morning all three are sitting in the window watching the rain..It is a tight squeeze but they all managed to pack themselves in there...

Everyone have a good day
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