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My cat is too thin???

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She is 2 years old, and seems a bit thinner lately. I 've been keeping a close eye on her eating habits. Coa is fed dry, which is always available . Wet is given twice a day. She eats very small amounts at a time . She is a house cat and very athletic. But I feel she is too thin and one else have this problem??
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What brand of food are you feeding her?, and has she been wormed since you first got her?.
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How much does she weigh and what body type is she?
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Can you post a picture(s). She may be more of the oriental/siamese type of cat which would be a longer slender body build.
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I feed her fancy feast, deli cat ,iams, wellness, home cooking , lots of choices.......How do I post a photo ??? I have many of her in my harddrive. Just not sure how to do it on this site. she is a house cat ,do i need to worm her??
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If you want to e-mail it to me i'll post it up for you
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She weighs 7.5 lbs, I just put her on the scale. she is soooo easy. what a great skinny kitty. Her body type is long , if I hold her in the hang position she is very long. Stripes run down her back . sort of like a prison uniform,(she is a prisoner in her home) she is dark gray, dark brown with striking turquoise eyes, Egyptian looking. I am trying to post a photo.....??
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rosiemac - thank you . I sent you a few photos. hope it works. marilyn
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Here's the little beauty!!. She looks like a tabby to me?, and her build looks ok as well. I know my vet said that my cats should weigh approx 8lb for their build.

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that's my little girl ! You can't see her concave belly in these shots, but it is there...
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Does she go in a bit at the sides towards the back?, because my Rosies like that and it's normal. Sophies doesn't because she's a solid framed cat so she's round all over But looking at your princess there she looks fine to me.

Do you take her for a yearly checkup at the vets?
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YES! thats it . towards the back she goes in.. Her coat looks nice and shinny , her eyes are clear, she eats and drinks (small amounts) . and she's active, heat seeking but all cats love the heat. Right? My friend came by yesterday and lit a fire under me about her weight. I hate bringing my animals to the vet unless I need to. Having two cats and two dogs it can get $$$$. But you think she 's normal??
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Beautiful cat! She looks healthy. Bugsy is just gaining weight from a skinny phase. He goes through a skinny phase once and awhile. I can tell with no doubt in my mind when he is too skinny, I can feel it. The most obvious are his shoulder bones, when he is too skinny and I pet him I can feel them almost as if I am touching them directly. Also if you look at his face in the below photo he looks odd, like his eyes are too big? I think anyway, im trying to figure out if he is a certain breed of cat that makes him look that way, but…that’s another thread!! Lol

My advice if you are worried is bring your cutie pie to the vet. If you have yet to deworm her do that. If your really that worried though bring her to the vet, even if its just for future reference about what weight would be normal for her. Its hard to really tell from the photo other then the fact that she is so cute!!

Keep us updated!
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Yes she looks fine to me I remember my next door neighbour asking a couple of years ago if Rosie had lost weight because of how she looked at the side, but my vet said she was fine, if anything Rosie needs to shift a couple of lb because she's nealy 11lb

I would still try and take them for a checkup though at least once a year, because they still need their shots
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She looks like a petite, pretty little girl
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My Lola is a petite kitty. She weighs in at 7 to 7 1/2 pounds. Maggie looks heavier, because of her thick coat, but she's only 8 to 8 1/2 pounds. Cleo's my, ah, 'fluffy' cat. My vet told me that she needs to lose weight. Four months ago, she weighed 12.8 pounds. At her checkup last week, she weighed 12.4 we're s-l-o-w-l-y getting there. Your little girl looks fine to me, but I seem to have petite kitties (well, with the exception of Cleo!)

Have you seen the weight/body chart for cats? Here's a good link that explains body condition, with pictures:
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She looks fine to me. If you feel along her backbone, are her ribs prominent or just detectable, or what?
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She looks beautiful to me as well. I agree with Roseimac though - she should have a vet visit at least yearly.

When you got her did you get her vaccines and have her dewormed and all that good stuff? I take our kitties for yearly check-ups and vaccine updates and providing they are normally healthy, it doesn't need to cost you a lot for vet bills. Like anything IMO, daily maintenance (in this case yearly visits) help keep things running smoothly and no surprises.
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Yes , she had all her shots back when I got her. She is an indoor cat, so I felt that vaccines could be skipped now. I am not a big fan of vaccines, especially since she's a house cat. But I do think a visit to the vet on a yearly basics is a good idea. I just have to stand tall when i appose the vets attempt to vaccinate. She is a wonderful animal , a very good natured cat. Thanks for all your support, this is a great forum.
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I wouldn't skip them all together. My three are indoors as well, and the only shot i let them have is the flu/enteritis because that's a germ i can bring in with me that they can catch Leukemia on the other hand i don't because of them being inside

She looks a little treasure, so if you need a hand in posting some more pics of her in fur pics let me know
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She may be in the teenage stage and will fill out in another year or so. At 7.5 lbs she sounds right to me. Looks like a nice blue tabby - very pretty. She may fill out and go 8-9 lbs when done growing.

IMO its better for them to be on the lean side then to be too fat - you can always put on some weight, but hard to take it off. I'd have her checked for worms by your vet to be sure that's not part of the problem.

You can put the indoor cats on a 2 or 3 yr schedule for vaccines now.
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It's hard for me to judge her body proportions in the pictures...and, that needs to be evaluated. Her face/neck show no signs of "skinniness".

Here's a video which may help you judge for yourself.

Some points when doing your own exam:
1. Place both hands, palm down, lightly on your cat's ribs. You should be able to feel the ribs, but they shouldn't be sticking out
2. Stand above your cat and check her waist - pets at the proper weight should have a visible indentation behind their ribs.
3. Look at your cat's stomach - a cat that is the correct weight should have good firm muscles and not a wobbly tummy.
4. Examine your cat's face - a cat that is overweight will look fat in the face and may have a double chin.

Here's much more detailed information to help.
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Gorgeous cat

Originally Posted by BLAISE View Post
Look at your cat's stomach - a cat that is the correct weight should have good firm muscles and not a wobbly tummy.
Often desexed cats will be the perfect weight/condition but still have a bit of wobble in the tummy area, usually referred to as 'spay sway' but it occurs in males too.
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i don't know the law for NY, but in Texas, rabies vaccines are required every year... if the cat visits the vet, it would be hard for me not to get at least that one. i actually get everything. that way, should i happen to bring home a stray [this has already happened 3 times, after all!] i don't have to be as concerned about my current ones catching anything lethal.
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I did the first round of vaccines for my cats but do anymore after that. They are indoor only. My vet is a holistic vet who comes highly recommended and discouraged vaccines. I am ok with it. We go for a yearly and that is it. I live in a low flea zone so I barely do that either.
My cats are all slender but I don't free feed them either.

Maybe try getting her on a feeding schedule just to see how much she eats in total.
Just like people some cats are slender and some lean toward chubby with all different appetites.
My jokester Seldon is always on the go so is thinner than the others. I usually give him a mini meal just to make sure he is eating enough. But they are on a schedule.
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She looks perfect to me Feline obesity is so common we are used to seeing cats that are a bit overweight, and sometimes people will see a cat who is a good weight and it looks too thin compared to what they are used to - but to me she looks great. They are supposed to have a bit of a waist, a dip before the hind quarters. I have 2 Orientals and a Cornish Rex/moggy cross and they are all slender cats. If she has plenty of energy it all sounds fine
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I agree that rabies is required so you might want to consider that one. But I am with you on the rest of them. I vaccinate the cat once as an adult and that's it. They don't receive any more after that. I believe that many vaccines are good for years after they are given and it is ridiculous to revaccinate any living thing every single year, even every other year.
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My cat (senior cat) is also too thin... I am not sure what to do to get her to gain weight because the vet said not to give high protein food. She went through a phase where she refused to eat a while ago, and had to take anorexia medication but now she is eating well but is still too skinny. They did bloodwork and everything and did not find any causes. She is 10 pounds now, and she is at least 2 pounds underweight...
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