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I will send links to those needing them... I am having a hard time sleeping tonight and it is 12:30 AM ... ie not linking at this hour

Many will say a food has no gluten or is gluten free ... 90% of the time that is a MIS guided thought..

Gluten is the protein in grain...

wheat , barley and rye have the SAME.. ie if kitty is allergic to one dont use the other two... these three are notable as consumption in some humans can cause GREAT harm to GI tract..

Rice has its own .. the least allergenic of the glutens.. only an issue if ONE HAS a rice allergy

Corn has one that like rice is unique..this can be an issue to some

Oats are debatable .. naturally they dont but they often are processed with wheat and barley thus get tranferance... Hospitals will not offer to gluten intolerant individuals

YES WHOLE grains HAVE gluten , Flours have gluten , starches have gluten ... thus if a food has grain it has gluten
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I know people who make very convincing meat substitutes from wheat gluten.
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