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I read a couple posts here after some searching on the subject but I was wondering if anyone can tell me about recovery time after their kitty had the surgery. I am still in the decision making stages with Jack. Short version: He was ona shelf about 3 feet off the ground that he likes to use to look out of one of the higher windows in the house. He jumped down and cried out in pain as quicky as I got to him he had gotten back up after having laid over and ran down the steps like nothing happened. That was this past weekend.

My first thought, oh well couldnt have been too much if he just ran off and I decided to keep an eye on him. The pattern repeated, there was a vet involved. Now I am trying not to let him jump around and act too crazy but he is 10 months and not about to be that calm . I closed off the rooms with the higher spots he likes to leap to and from, and the vet recommend that I see if he improves over the next few weeks before deciding on surgery.

So far though there has been at least one incident of his knee popping out every day and sometimes just when he is getting up from laying down, or sometimes in the middle of a nap. It always goes right back in without me needing to intervene (He straightens his leg fully and that does it) but its terrible to hear that noise and know what that kind of pain must be like (I broke my knee in Late January so knee pain is sorta fresh in my mind).

What I don't know much about is what the recovery rate after the surgery. If I can't keep him relatively calm now how will he deal with having both hind legs operated on? Will I likely have to cage him? How long does the recovery take before he can at least roam the house again? Were there litter box problems after the surgery?

Guess I am really looking for the experiences of others here. TIA