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Litterbox Sanitation

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Thought I would share this with all of you, it is on my CatFancy Page-a-day calander for today.

Whey you clean and disinfect a litter box, try this natural solution in place of chemical products: Pour 2 cups of boiling water over 2 cups of fresh thyme. Strain and cool. Store in plastic bottles. Thyme is a natural antiseptic.
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Thanks for the tip, Sabra!

i am a strong advocate for clean litter boxes as well. Afterall, cleanliness is next to Godliness!! Smiles..


Have a good day, all!!

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That is good to know. I hate using harsh chemicals - even bleach, so I'm going to start doing this from now on!
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That's a good tip. I usually use steam to clean the litterbox, but the thyme solution would be useful for when I don't have time to fill the steamcleaner and wait for it to heat up.
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Do you clean your litter box(es) in the bathtub? I ask because I can't picture you pouring water into a freestanding litter box (especially one sitting on carpet).


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Thanks for sharing that tip! I'm always looking for a more natural solution!

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Jenk: I'm sure it wouldn't matter where you did it, but accidents would be easier to clean up in the bathtub. That's where I clean mine.
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I use a 33 gallon trash can to clean mine. I fill it with the bleach/water solution and just immerse them to soak them. Scrub them clean, air dry them, spray them with PAM dump the litter in and I am good to go. And of course wear rubber gloves only used for litterbox cleaning purposes...
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Oh but hissy you know we all use the same gloves for litter boxes as we do to clean our dishes!
Never thought about using our trashcan (when we did have a big enough one) cause it was always full of trash!
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