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should i keep my cats?

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well...i'm moving again, in the last 2 years i have moved 5 times, with my cats. Once we stayed at an extended stay for 10 days. i have 2 cats, and i have really been trying to keep them with me, but I don't know if i should just give them away or try to hold on to them. i'm going back to school and i won't have much time for them. i'm planning to just rent a room, and then move back to the west coast, i'm going to study in the midwest. i really want to keep them, but i don't know if it's worse moving around or just finding them a new home. of course, i always worry that nobody will love them as i do. my female is very quiet and could probably stay in a room with me, but my male is big and needs room to wander. i keep them both indoors although my male always meows and wants to go out... should i find him a new home? i've thought about foster care as well, so that i can get them back when i'm done studying, i'm hoping it should be a year at the most... what should i do? please advise. thank you.
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Cats are for life. They're attached to you, moving with you is better than being homeless.
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my cats go all over the world with me. keep them. i left them for a week at the kennel once because i was staying in a motel. they hated it. rather be cramped in a room with me than cramped in a room without me.
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I don't think anyone here is going to tell you not to keep them. Pets are a life-long commitment, not just while they are convenient. Besides,cats don't require a lot of time. I'm in law school and work and because my schedule is so flexible (I can do a lot of work from home), I actually see my kitties more than I would if I were working a full-time job. What does it take? Feed them, change litter box, play with them, the once a year vet visit unless they are sick.....that's nothing. Plus, it's nice to have little study buddies and they are great for keeping stress down.

I'm moving half-way across the country in a few months, not taking my cats never even crossed my mind.

Odd that you posted the same question almost 2 years ago.
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When you bring a pet into your home they become part of the family, so yes, i would take them with you

Put yourself in their position?.
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I say keep them. Apparently with you moving a lot, they are more adaptable then most cats. If you won't be there, at least they have each other for company. I'm assuming you have both of them neutered and spayed. If not, that could be why the male wants outside.

Invest in a good cat tree about 4 feet tall and put it by the window to entertain them.
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My cats, Fred in particular, moved all over with me. He went from
South Carolina
North Carolina
South Carolina
North Carolina
South Carolina
North Carolina
another place in NC.
Fred passed away at the ripe old age of 18, but many of my others have moves almost tht many times. I think yours will be fine. Mine also went from indoor/outdoor cars.
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Are these the same two cats you asked about moving with you in May of 2006?
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We moved from Wisconsin, to Southern California, back to Wisconsin with our cats. Then from Wisconsin, to Iowa, and back to Wisconsin again. I say keep them.
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I say keep them My kitty has been moved around a lot with me too and that was just fine. I was in college when I first got the cat and was renting - not ready to settle and commit to one place for long. Now I own a house and it would not be complete without the kitty! Please keep your cats
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My oldest cat, Katie, moved with me 5 times before she was 6-years-old, including from Belgium to the U.S., and did just fine. There's no way I would have left her (or any pet) behind. So, yes, keep yours! They'd be much happier with you.
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I would say that you should definately keep them if you can, but if you honestly feel that you cannot care for them properly in your new situation, then you shold find them a new home. Only you know your circumstances.
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Originally Posted by klyf View Post
i'm planning to just rent a room
Could you not let them out of the room when you are home to watch them?
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My cats have moved everywhere with me. Now I am experiencing some urinating problems but other than that they are fine.
We had a heat wave and we all packed up and went to a hotel. I got a big room with a big king bed and we all slept soundly in our AC.
If they have hung with you this long then they are in it for the long haul.
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