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Ten years ago I would have said you were crazy if you had said that today I would have 2 pit bulls. I too had subscribed to the media hoopla about pit bull dogs. I was very very wrong. Just this morning I left Maggie my 6 month old at the vet to be spade and the look she gave my wife and I as we left her brought tears to my eyes. They do like to chase my cats as long as they run from them but its not with any malice. Both my girls love the kittens that I foster and look for them after they've found homes. Very sweet girls that are better than a lot of the people that I am unfortunate enough to know.
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My brother owns a 7 year old red female Pitbull named Amber. Amber was actually bred to be a fighting dog but supposedly she sucked at it. She actually was a bait dog when my brother found her in a fenced in lot when she was a year old chained up. The guys who owned her allowed him to buy her for a small amount thinking he would use her as a bait dog. Little did they know my brother wanted to make her a pet.

After two long years of getting her to trust him and other dogs she finally switched around. Needless to say it took a large amount of training and time to bring her back. Amber is now the sweetest most loving dog you will ever meet. She lives with my brother his two daughters, girlfriend, her three kids, and their other two dogs. Amber has never ever tried to bite or attack anyone not even a growl.

She is however Amber sensitive and delicate soul. She requires a gentle yet firm hand at all times. She knows her boundries and is kept on a strict line of rules. She is extremely smart and obedient. She also loves to get cuddles from anyone who is willing to give them. She also loves cuddling up with my brothers Bulldog Sienna and Shar Pei Jig and napping all afternoon.

In my opinion fighting pitbulls can be changed.

Anyways every pitbull I have ever had contact with has been sweet and goofy I personally love the breed.
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