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In Need of Free or Low Cost Spay/Neutering - Urgent!

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I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but here is my situation. I have been rescuing and fostering stray and abused cats in my area. Many I been able to place with friends and relatives that I have. How I've come to do this is because there is a big problem in my community with strays and many of these cats wander on to my property and my next door neighbors property. My neighbor, is a correctional officer and does not want to deal with the problem at all, so he has traps set up on his property where the cats are caught and then taken to a high kill city pound, where they are euthanized, without chance for adoption, because of overcrowding or them not being too people friendly. Fortunately, I've been able to find out where they are taken to, and arranged with the staff to contact me when an animal is brought in from his home address. What I then do is pick up the cat, if it is sick, or abused, get proper medical attention that they need, and when they are healthy, try to place as many as I can with friends and family whose backgrounds I know about, knowing that they will have a nice loving home and definitely making sure that they will then take the cat to get spayed or neutered.

Maybe, before I go any further in telling you my story, is there anyway that you would be able to offer low cost or free spay/neutering? Or, do you know of any other facility that you could recommend me to? I am really in a serious, desperate situation, and need any help that can be offered . My problem is that financially, I do not think my family is going to be able to keep the property we have. So I need to place the cats that I have in a sanctuary as soon as possible. I have contacted many facilities, and did find a sanctuary that can help me. My next problem is that the cats will have to be spayed/neutered before they will take them.

Lastly, the cats that I am currently fostering are not reproducing. I have males and females separated from each other. They are healthy, many had signs of abuse and sick when I rescued them, but now are happy and healthy! I just need to find a a low cost or free spay/neuter clinic that can help. If there is anyway that you can help me with this or recommend a place? I am urgently in need to find a place asap and willing to travel far if I have to. I am located in Westchester County New York

Please feel free to ask me questions, I'm sure you have a bunch!

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Welcome to TCS!! We have several members who are very good at discovering resources. maybe you could try sending a PM to TNR1 or KeithP. Keith is also in New York.
Meanwhile, from California, I'm sending mega prayers and vibes that you receive the solutions to all your problems very, very soon, including that your family get to keep their land
I salute you for all that you have done in your cat rescues so far Susan
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hi, im in ohio and probably cant help you i have 15 cats here..
but in my town we have a rescue village.i have taken 3 cats there so far this year.. they fix them and adopt them out for $$..
thats if the cat is adoptable.. they also have snip.. which when i call they usually get me in there in a week or so..
i had to bring one back because she failed the test ! she was already spayed and they put a microchip between her shoulder blades in the event shes returned to rescue village they will know who she is..
she is living in our barn and i ran an ad in the local paper..either claim or adopt..shes a nice cat who just didnt like being caged for the 3 days she was she had a hissy fit..
so far i had 2 calls about missing cats but no luck..
my rescue village also offers a low cost s/n its called fix em now..its a fully loaded bus that comes to their parking lot on certain days of the month.its $20 for males $25 for females includes rabies shot..thats really cheap..
i have one cat without a tail that just showed up and shes going on monday and i hope shes a good cat there so they keep her and find her a home..then ill only have 14 cats to feed...
i need to catch 1 cat that has been here for 2 years and gave birth 3 times..i call her oscar the grouch..she lives in the house with her 8 kittens who are now 1 1/2 ,1 year and 7 months..but shes just not a people i had 4 to begin with..thats how i ended up with so many cats..
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Lisamichelle, where in New York are you? there are some good TNR resources in the City, i have been working with some of them in Brooklyn and it has been wonderful. Through the BARC shelter, some folks have been working with the ASCPA Mobile Spay Clinic as well as the Humane Society in Manhattan to spay/neuter feral cats before returning them to their stomping grounds. they 'eartip' them so if any are trapped like your neighbor is doing, the kill shelters will not euthanize them, because they know they won't reproduce.

can you ask your neighbor to come to some agreement on this? he's got the traps, but if you could take them, fix them and return them it would not only mean the cats can live their lives, but tell him that a fixed feral colony will essentially keep out other cats. what he doesn't get is, that after he catches and kills all the cats, more cats will probably just move right in. TNR helps even the people like him who don't like cats.

anyway, let me know if you are near the city, i can put you in touch with some helpful people!
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First of all, I just want to say to your heartless correctional officer neighbor!

To you, I say & for doing such a wonderful thing for all those homeless furbabies!

I have some links that Laurie was kind enough to e-mail to me. I'll go and retrieve them, and copy & paste them for you. Hopefully they'll be helpful..

Best of luck to you!

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OK here goes:

To e-mail Alley Cat Allies to ask for the Feral Friends Network in a certain town, state, zip

To e-mail the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Campaign to ask if there are any network members that may be able to help in certain town, state, zip

To search for TNR groups to contact (I always recommend contacting w/in 90 - 100 miles - you never know who they may have networked with - or that person that used to work with them but moved... ) - you can also search for shelters and vets here - this is to search for pets - but it lets you know what organizations or which people may be resources in the area

The local yellow pages are always best to search for vets - whether calling around to them or driving around to them. When looking for help for people not in our area, if the vet says they don't provide discounts for ferals, we then ask if they know of a "crazy cat person" in the area who may be willing to help or have other information. We offer to leave our number and ask them to pass it on - or we offer to call back the next day (or whenever) to check, rather than ask them to provide the name and number of a client with someone they don't know, and to not have unknown person have to pick up the expense of the potentially long-distance phone call.

For general info about ferals, trapping, & other resources related to rescue, the best sites are:
Alley Cat Allies at
Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Campaign at

For more links to most aspects of ferals, rescue, declawing info and legislation:

To search for low-cost spay/neuter:
The same TNR group links as above,
and another list of links to help search are here:
But some of the best links are:

There are also lots of Rescue links where more shelters and things can be searched for (including info on orphaned kitten rescue) at

Visit our websites! for inspiring rescue stories, rescue resources & low-cost spay/neuter services, and for information on Trap-Neuter-Return and sterilization programs. Both inspired by

I don't know why all those "censored" things are attached, but I'm leaving them there b/c I'm assuming that Laurie had them there for a reason..

I hope these help!

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Hi Jimmy,

I am located in Southern Westchester County. So if you have any sources or suggestions, I am willing to travel to whomever is willing to help me. Thank you so much for your help. I'll be waiting to hear back from you.

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone so far for all of your prayers, sources and suggestions in dealing with my dilemma. I am waiting for replies back from a few leads. Hope it all works out. Meantime, I will keep you posted with what's going on, and if anyone has any other ideas or sources, please let me know. Thank you again for all your help.

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see my PM, should be some helpful resources there for this kind of thing. let me know if you need any more pointers! good luck!!
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Tiff - those censored things are so weird! I don't know how they got in there - they sure weren't when I sent them.

The important thing is, the links still work.


Please use those links. There are quite a few spay/neuter clinics within a half hour drive of the Yonkers area. Gary and I used to trap up there (friends live in Yonkers). There are a couple of low-cost spay/neuter clinics in NJ just over the bridge as well. The pets911 link should help you find them.

This is a wonderful thing you're doing.

I would also seriously consider contacting . They promote TNR in New York City, and may have contacts to help you.

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Tourettes ??

good luck helping mthe cats
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