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Friday DT

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Slept pretty well, last night - didn't wake up, at all. I wasn't able to find a bed, yesterday so I'm still on the couch. Opie and Rowdy have been sleeping with me. Good thing they sleep up on the back - it could get crowded!

The cat next door has escalated his teasing, of Ike and Pearl. Toby usually sits next to the fence and laughs at them, when they try to get him to play. Yesterday, the dogs were snoozing on the patio and didn't realize that Toby was out. Toby got right up against the fence and called them. He sat there and meowed, until they came over to the fence. When Ike and Pearl got there, Toby turned his back and proceeded to groom himself. Too funny!

Our temps have been in the high 80s, the past few days. I wish that it would stay like this, year round. Of course, after 45 years, the 100+ summers don't really bother me. I have sense enough, to stay out of the sun and not exert myself.

Have a good weekend.
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Friday AGAIN ???
The only thing I like about Fridays , is that it is followed by a saturday
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Right now it is only 20,going to get up to 0 or 45,YA! I have to clean up today,I am having a birthday party for my 1 year old granddaugther,tommorrow.It is going to be fun,in my family we make a small cake for the one year old and just give ot to them! In thier highchar.And take lots of pictures,I will post one.
Everyone have a good day.
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LOL lut!

another quiet day for me, exercised yesterday, kahu has just started up his craziness, hes discovered that he likes to knock stuff off everything and peedoodle will attack them. boy am i in for some wild times!
im just fixing to make my breakfast and coffee and then im going to read my book about urban legends...its quite interesting LOL.

hope everyone has a great day!
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hey maybe rowdy and kahu should get together and wear each other out.

glad to day is friday. i almost didn't come to work today, but i wasn't feeling as bad as i first thought i was. today i get to do powerpoint and find a table for the pastor that is preaching this weekend to set his water on. the bizarre life of a communications assistant.

well, hope everyone has a good day...
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Last night I really tired out Nakita. We were doing the leash training thing again, and she is so adorable on a leash! Plus, she doesn't mind her harness at all. I remember trying to put a harness on my family's cat. All she did was lay down and growl!

The weather this weekend will be around +10C (50F), so Nakita will take her first steps outside on the porch. I'm so excited!!

With the brighter and warmer weather I've been waking up extra early and cleaned everything. I usually hate housework, but the thoughts of spring cleaning make it all worth it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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I've lost my voice

I have so much work to do.... I wanna go home

I'm broken!
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Awwww....Lizza! How did you lose your voice? It's not from talking with us, is it? :tounge2:

Chin up, it's almost the weekend!

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(hanging head) Went to the hockey game last night.... too much yelling

Now I'm paying for it!!

It's suppost to rain this weekend.... I can lay in bed and re-cope!
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I'm in a foul mood this morning. Don't know why, just am. I finally took some kava kava, so we'll see if that settles it. We're going to a gaming convention this weekend, so I hope that'll be fun. At least Mike will have fun, don't know if I will. I'm trying to figure out something to take for dinner, since we're broke and can't afford to eat out, and especially not at the hotel! It's only a 10 minute drive from here, so we can come home for dinner if need be. I'm thinking cajun chicken nuggets sound pretty good.
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unlike most of you, I just finished my weekend and have to go back to work today . This new shift is very physically straining, not at all what I'm used to. But all this sweat will get me in good shape right? My weekend felt like a weekend which is good but I have to convince hubby to *allow me to sleep at night, he really likes to sleep together during the day like we used to when I worked nights, but I think I need to sleep at night now to let my body get the rest it needs. I generally sleep well, but night sleeping is way different from day sleeping.

Holy cow! is it ever bright out today! after weeks of rain and overcast, it has all cleared to show us the sky, how beautiful it is!

*By saying this I mean he whines and complaines that "we never see each other anymore and we should at least sleep together" which convinces me to stay up all night, he doesn't order me around.
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