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GREAT Saturday morning cartoons!!
Oh I remember the cartoons when I was a kid! Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Popeye and all the great Saturday cartoons! Not like the crap they have on today.

I remember a big water fight, and slipping in the street. I didn't even realize I had skinned my knees until later.

I remember my brother putting a smoke bomb in the cooler and my mom screaming and scrambling to pull the plug.

I remember the hot hot summers spent at the swimming pool at the park.

I remember doing crafts at that same park.

I remember summer camp and sleeping beneath the stars (no tents or cabins)

I remember 4th of July fireworks. You could buy them at the store and they were much more awesome than the one's today.

I remember going trick or treating and you didn't have to worry about people giving you candy with razorblades, needles or poison in them.

I remember my dad taking me trick or treating and carrying a pillowcase to empty my candy in. And the people at the houses we went to gave my twice as much candy because they didn't think I had enough! We would go several blocks around my neighborhood and would have one of those paper grocery bags half full of candy!

I barely remember my dad holding me in his arms on my front porch watching a rare thunder and lightening storm. He was explaining this to me and to have a healthy respect for this beautiful wonder and not be afraid.
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My favorite childhood memories always seemed to take place in the summer: Running through the sprinkler, getting fudgecicles from the ice cream truck, catching butterflies, frogs, toads & salamanders (yes, I was a tomboy!) Going to the drive-in movies with my folks, dressed in my pajamas--what a secure feeling!
Since my mom was not fond of cats, I only had one--at about age 6, Dad took me to the Animal Rescue League, and told me I could have any pet I saw--of course, I selected a little black kitten which I named "Midnight". Don't know what possessed me to do it, but perhaps a week or so later, I picked up Midnight, climbed upon the top of my folks' '58 Pontiac, and set the kitty on the rooftop (I was thinking that was where they liked to be since I had seen them roaming about like that in the cartoons!) Unfortunately, Midnight got away, and never returned, so I never had any further privilege of feline ownership until I was grown and had left home.
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My favorite childhood memories are with my best friend Becky, who moved across the street from me when we were six years old. Her mom became like a mother to me and I had always wished her family would adopt me.

Strangely enough, Becky came into my life just as my oldest sister (and caretaker) went off to university, so it worked out that I had a loving influence in my life after my sister left.
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I remember trying to dig a hole to China

Another memory was that I wanted to run away one day (don't ask I think I was just mad...). So I packed my only bag and went outside and began hopping up and down, swinging my other arm. Why you ask? I was trying to catch a plane

Yes I was a weird child
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i don't really remember alot LOL!
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