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Help me pick a new cat litter!

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I've been really unhappy with what I've been trying for cat litter lately.

Can you all post the litter that you use, the relative cost and the pros and cons?

We've tried:

Clumping clay litter from Costco, about $11 for 40 lbs.

Clumps well
cats love it
masks odor

DUSTY! got everywhere and I think was exacerbating on cats breathing
horrible scent that would get in the fur, so they always smelled like the litter box
concerns over health issues with the clumping ingredient

Feline Pine (pine pellet based litter), around $5-10 for 25 lbs, depending on where it's bought

Smells nice
When the pee activates the clumps and dries up, I can't smell it anymore

cats hated it
hard to get poops out of there
not quite as good at masking odor

Feline Pine Clumping, $10 for a big bag

Smells nice right out of the bag
cats like it
clumps well

My black cat is constantly coated in little bits of sawdust (i assume the other two are as well, I just can't see it!)
cannot cover odor at all. I scoop daily and it just reeks of cat poo all the time

So I'm feeling stuck. I want a non-dusty litter than can cover odor. Can you all help me out?


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i liked the tidy cat silica kind (multi cat, maybe) i mixed it with the tidy cat clay kind that was larger particles b/c thats what my kitty preferred. but it was so freaking heavy carrying up and down 2 flights of stairs i switched to the pine sawdust kind (not feline pine) its been less messy for us and works just as well. A LOT cheaper, too
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You could try the new Arm and Hammer high performance. Its corn based and very perfumey but after a few days the smell tones down and it is better than smelling cat poo.

I also really like Scoop Away, but the last few boxes I bought have been pretty dusty.

Ive also been trying chicken feed which does clump but my cats try to eat it unless I cover it with regular litter and Im not sure they like it too much.

Good luck!
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i really liked a&h but they quit selling it around here. where i live, there isnt much of a choice.
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Originally Posted by jlutgendorf View Post

I want a non-dusty litter than can cover odor. Can you all help me out?
These are litters I have tried that are not dusty:
- Nature's Miracle
- World's Best Cat Litter (out of these 4, this is my favorite)
- Tidy Cats Crystal
- Dr. Elsey's Crystal Litter for Long-Haired Cats

All of the clay litters I've used are dusty (I have used Arm & Hammer, PetCo Store Brand, and another one from Safeway I can't remember the name of).

The problem with Nature's Miracle is it tracks really bad. World's Best Cat Litter doesn't as much, if at all. At least that has been my experience. Both are great for odor control. I don't like the crystal litters because they are expensive for me (I have 2 cats and 2 boxes). Plus if you don't stir every day really well, you can smell the urine that is supposed to be absorbed. They don't last as long as they advertise. As far as crystal litter goes, I prefer the Dr. Elsey stuff to the Tidy Cats crystal (because that seemed to work better for odor).
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Thanks for the thoughts and comments.

I have used the crystal litter before (tidy cats). I remember thinking it was expensive, but at this point, who cares! I'm tired of stinky boxes that track everywhere and get dust and particles all over everything.

I'll comparison shop between the WBC and crystal litters.


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I use the crystals! My cat doesnt like walking on it but ohhh myyy it helps with the smells of the poo poo and the wee wee
they say you dont have to scoop out the wee for at least 4 weeks but i always get some out when i clean his poop out..

its great for smells if you live in a unit like me
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We recently switched to Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra. It's pretty darn near perfect, and is not expensive, either!
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I hate feline pine too. The cats HATE the pellets and the fine scoopable does track EVERYWHERE!!!

I have been using fresh step.
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i use fresh results pine litter and it doesnt track like feline pine. we hated that stuff. i just looked up fresh results and found this article (i never could remember the brand until i looked in the closet just now lol)

i still like tidy cat crystals along with a&h also. tidy cat small spaces is worthless tho
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I have been using WCBL, but I think I am going to switch back to Fresh Step unscented. I like the WCBL, but it smells disgusting when the urine clumps. I can have a fresh litter box with fresh litter, and one pee and the whole thing smells nasty. It permeates. I would rather deal with some dust and not deal with that smell. You can get Fresh Step for about $9 for a 28 lb box at Walmart right now.
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