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Kitten Can't Meow

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I know, I'm just being a worried Momma.....but one of my Kitty's lil kittens (Born on Monday morning) can't meow. She used to be able to, but now when she tries it comes out sounding more like a "hiss". Is this normal?
I Google'd it and I know you aren't supposed to believe everything you read on the internet but it mentioned a URI early in life can lead to the absence of a meow. :o( I hope she is alright.
Advice is welcome also please. :o)
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i dont know the answer to your question, but my chloe cant meow, when she opens up to meow nothing comes out, i found her when she was about 6 weeks old and has been like it ever since. Gizmo was a foster kitty who i ended up keeping and when he tries to meow a tiny squeek comes out instead. could the kitten just be hissing?
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Did she just get done drinking? Is there any possiblity it's related to that? I think she will be ok, but I'm no vet.
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Watch her closely...
if there are other changes that concern you, call your vet.
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