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moving my cat to my place

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Hey guys. Last year I moved in with my partner and left my cat Riley at my parent's house. Now I want to bring him over here because he's very attached to me and I miss him a lot. A lot of the articles I read were geared towards moving into a new home and unpacking and stuff, but I am moving him from a house to a condo that's already unpacked and lived in (obviously). There will be no boxes and hustling around. He already has met and likes my partner too so that's not a worry, he's a very loving cat.

I figure me just being with him will make things go somewhat smoothly, but I was wondering if you guys had any little tips to make things easier. It's a not a long trip over, just about 15 minutes to the next city. He's a pretty chill cat so I'm not worried too much.

Anyway, tell me what you think of this. I don't have any special room for him as it's a one bedroom place that I share the bedroom with my partner.

I'm going to make sure to get the same type of little box and litter as my mom uses for him, and put the litter box in the kitchen. I will lay his boxes (you know those bulk food boxes costco gives you? He loves to lay in them) and his favorite basket around the house to make him feel welcome everywhere. I was planning on getting him a fresh scratching post too and putting that in the living room like where it is at my parents (new toys will also be purchased, I don't usually buy him toys because he's so strong that he tears them up immediately but this is special) My mom recommended I use the Feliway phermone stuff a week or so before I bring him and keep using it for a couple of weeks just in case, so I will be doing that. His food will be put near his litter box just like it is at my mom's, and he will have the same food and the same feeding schedule.

I'm basically trying to make this as comfortable for him as possible, because I know it can be traumatizing but he misses me I know and I miss him too, and he doesn't like my mom as much (she ignores him mostly; she has a dog).

There will be dog visitors occasionally (small dogs), as we care for our neighbor's dogs when she works but I will not have them over for the first month or so just in case.

So what do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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To me, it sounds like you've thought of everything that I would have, plus some more things!

If you already know the kitty, and him you, I would guess that he'll probably settle in pretty quickly.
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The only thing I might add (whew! :-) is a cat tree to keep him in shape, and maybe a laser pointer to chase around and/or some little thingies for when you're out. He's been used to a more populated place (?) and may get bored fast with less room to explore and fewer stimuli.
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That's what the little toys are for. He's kinda....well, very fat already, so I don't think a tree would do much good. I do have a laser pointer though, we already play that game.
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