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foxys kittens.

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all 3 with mum

the darkest tortie.

By XxtashaxX23
the lighter tortie.

By XxtashaxX23
and the tabby.

By XxtashaxX23

there wasnt no flash used as i used the laptop to take the pictures with (still havnt got a new camara (end of the week i will) so i brightened to pictures up with photoshop think i may have done the last one a bit to bright
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They are all so cute!!
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Can you say cuteness?
... Can't wait for 'update' pictures!
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Awww, they are adorable!
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awww. they are so cute.
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awww so cute - love the patching/coloration on the tortie
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
awww so cute - love the patching/coloration on the tortie
lol yea, shes like a tabby on the top half and tortie on the bottom half? she has white paws with tabby strips on her legs she has the M marking on her head, then you get to the bottom half and she has white paws and legs a bit of white on her belly (no tabby spots) and she has tortie markings on her back. very strang
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Just darling.....we all can't wait to see more pics!! How about a pic of the mommy kitty?
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i shall try she isnt the easiest one to get a picture of normally turns her head at the last min and because im using the web cam on the lap top it isnt easy, when i get my new cam it should be easier.
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If the black is really a brown with stripes then she's a Patched Tabby - not a tortie. What color is mom? I need a picture of her
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Ask and you shall receive! Thanks for the pictures, they are adorable, Cant wait to see them grow!
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