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My Baby is learning to knead!

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My Bugsy is a super cuddly, super talker, somewhat clingy guy. The one loving thing he has never done though is knead. Capone on the other hand will not lie anywhere unless he kneads the area while purring for a good 5 min.

Last night I went to bed too late and couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Bugsy gets excited when its just Mommy or Daddy in bed alone since he gets all the attention. He lay down on my chest and I started petting him getting into a huge purr session. Then he got up, sat beside me and started kneading my arm!! SO CUTE!! We got him at one year old and have had him for five month and this is the first time! He didn’t quite do it normally, like he’s never done it before it was almost like he was marching LOL. I wonder if he learned that from Capone.
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I need Kneading.

It is such a joyout act of trust and love.
You are very lucky.
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Lol my boyfriend sort of looked at me like I was a freak when I got all happy for my new kneading baby. I think its more that it’s a sign our work has paid off with this guy.

When we got him he was obviously neglected by a previous owner. He was like 6 pounds (he JUST started gaining weight) he was afraid of his water bowl and would freak out spastically at all hours to drink out of the tap, would be afraid the food wouldn’t be there if he didn’t eat it all is 5 seconds. He was just never ever relaxed he was always scared or stressed about something. His weight would go up and down within the month at any sign of stress.

Now my baby eats normally, drinks even though he stills begs for the tap but he usually just plays in the water instead of trying to drink as fast as he can, he’s gaining weight, his fur is no longer dull and thin. He is turning into a beautiful healthy cat. So this kneaded is just one more thing that makes him a healthy normal cat.
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They are both gorgeous kitties.

When they are deep into kneading, watch for a tiny bit of drool from their mouths.
When the light hits their tiny drool just right, it look like little diamonds to me.
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It's amazing what a little patiece will do. You let him come to you on his own terms, and it is a great feeling when they finally do. It took Pearl 7 years to join the household and interact with the other cats. She had been horriby abused when my daughter brought her to me.
Congratulations on having the patience to allow him to come to you on his terms. Isn't it a great feeling?
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Arwen has been into the kneading since she came to us, and I think it's so adorable of her, especially when she is cuddled up on my lap and suckling at my jumper at the same time
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Bugsy is a gorgeous kitty! And a very lucky little guy to have such a wonderful, understanding new family who will let him work through his trust issues in his time. Rebecca's right - it's such an amazing feeling to know that you've earned their trust when they had no reason to trust any human again.
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How wonderful that you've gotten him to trust you. And I wouldn't be surprised if he did get the idea from your other cat. They are very observant creatures.
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