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rip angel

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We have been looking after 2 pregnant females for the past 5/6 weeks, on the 1/4/08 lizzie had 2 black kittens healthy.
this morning foxy had 4 kittens 1 didnt make it, We named her angel and burried her shortly after.
So i hope you made it to the rainbow bridge angel with all our other RB kitties we have had over the years, you was taken far to soon, play happly little one xxx
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Awww the poor baby She'll be mothered by all the other TCS cats at the bridge

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R.I.P. little one. Look for a little grey & white kitten that passed away 4 weeks ago. I'm sure she would love to have someone to play with.
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the poor baby. RIP sweetheart, play happily with all your kitten friends over the bridge.
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Poor little baby.
Rest In Peace Angel
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Enjoy playing happily over Rainbow Bridge, Angel!!!
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Rest in Peace Little Angel Make many fuzzy friends over the Rainbow Bridge
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So sorry about teh Kitten.
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Rest In Peace Angel!

May you play happily at the Bridge with the other Kittens
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