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Moving House With Kittens

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I have a problem and am hoping someone can help.

We have four cats, two males and two females. When we were given the females we were assured they were nutered but one of them gave birth to a litter on Saturday night. One of our males is definetly the father as she never goes out.

The problem is we are supposed to be moving house on thrusday. It's approx a 5 minute car journey and there is no worry about loud bangs and things like that from removal men as there is nothing to move. I am a little worried that moving her may cause her to disown the kittens. She is very good with the kittens, she wont leave them alone unless myself or my partner are in the room watching over them.

What would people advice?
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it should be fine to move them, keep them in a carrier together, make sure everything is set up for her for when she gets there, and put one of the bedding that she has been using in her box for when she gets to her new home, She might be a bit edgy at first but she should be fine as its only a few mins in the car.
Oh and just to mentune she can become pregnant as soon as a few days after delivering her kittens, So she needs to be kept away from any uneutered males. males can still get a female pregnant up to 6 weeks after he has been neutered.
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Thank you XxtashaxX I was really worried that moving them would cause her to abandon them or worse, so I naturally didn't want to, but haven't really got much choice.

Thanks for the advice and thanks for answering what would have been my second question. Didn't realise they could become pregnant again so quickly, will make sure she is seperated from our male.
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Your very welcome. And we love pictures around here on TCS lol
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Just put them all in a carrier with lots of soft towels - they should be fine. She won't disown them. Put her in a separate and quiet room. And I do hope your males are neutered now (they can still get her pregnant up to 2 months after being neutered, so keep those boys AWAY from her and the other female).
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My Coco had Kittens on Moving Day so we left her at my Dads then moved them.
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